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Latest Journal posted 19 Apr 2012

its an older story prolly about 3 years old or so but i found it a bit ago and b4 i could fave it i lost internet and i havent been able to find it since.  ive tried just about every tag i can think of to find it but i cant find it.  ive even tried searching the title of the story with nothing yeilded. the first chapter is With Friends Like These...   its about 2 druids who are lifelong friends one of them begins to be more interested in women than the other and ends up in a bar drinking when a woman walks up to him orders a drink and makes him pay for it.  the young druid goes to follow her after paying and finds a green doe near the bar and goes after her, only to have it turn out to be his best friend who had been spying on him.  i must have sifted through over 2000 stories trying to find it and its going to drive me nuts xD

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Atekial 3 weeks ago
Ya im alive been bounceing in and out of being homeless for a while now just got a new job at walmart so i should be able to get into a place soon
XeeTaah 4 weeks ago
Hey Are you alive ?
Tempo 7 months ago
New Adept Paws story! ; )
jami31 2 years ago
you've added me to your watchlist, and i appreciate that! i hope you have been and will continue to enjoy my stories!
Tyvara_Panther 2 years ago
Thanks so much for watching. ^^
Rakuen Growlithe 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch
Tempo 2 years ago
New Adept Paws story posted! :D
Tempo 3 years ago
New chapter of Adept Paws posted! :D
Jaxdedragon 3 years ago
Thanks for he fav and vote
Seiji Hashimotto 4 years ago
I like you avatar. Who drew it?
Atekial 4 years ago
its a shirt that i had until i lost it