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I am a furry writer/artist. I write erotic BDSM stories mainly. Likewise my artwork tends to be erotic BDSM, My works are primarily heterosexual in nature, but I have a limited amount of gay and lesbian work as well.

I do not accept commissions.

FRIENDS: I do not accept unsolicited friend requests from people that I do not know. If you want to be my friend as opposed to a Watcher, let me get to know you through comments and messages first.
species Wolf
gender male from Cleveland, OH, USA
loves 3D, Abduction, Adult likes 69, 70s, 80s tolerates 8-bit, Adolescent, African hates Alternative, Alternative Spiritual, Anal vore
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Latest Journal posted 15 Apr 2014

The story depicts what happens when a serial rapist is sentenced to judicial slavery and bought by twelve of her victims taht she raped and tortured.  This story only depicts the first few hours, not an extended length of time.  The reader, if they so choose, will have to think up that part on their own..

I have posted Payback as an Extreme story due to the themes explored and, in no small part, the physical nature of the punishments depicted in the story.  There is a passing (pun intended) toilet usage, but nothing too bad.  It is used more to show how the "victim" is being humiliated.

Please pay attention to the tags!

There will be no further works related to this story.

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omega2672 1 day ago
Thank you for the fav! Please head over to Aelius' page and show him some love to, without his question and permision I wouldn't be able to share this beautiful Zebra mare in higher resolution.
SMWolf 23 hours ago
You are welcome.
Ringtail69 1 day ago
thanks for the fave, watch and the vote
SMWolf 1 day ago
You are very welcome. I really like the recent artwork you have posted.
Ringtail69 1 day ago
thank you, you should go to FA and check out her gallery for more great work
Rorokranz 2 days ago
Thanks for the vote and fave! <3
SMWolf 2 days ago
You are welcome. I liked the detail and colors of the artwork.
Kipendo 3 days ago
Thanks for the fave.
SMWolf 3 days ago
You are welcome.
Buicks 4 days ago
Well howdy-doo im honored to get such a high vote from you! thank you for it and the fave!
SMWolf 4 days ago
You are welcome. I thought that you did an excellent job with that piece.
InfinityForever 4 days ago
Thank you so very much for another favorite and vote, I really appreciate it. ^^;
SMWolf 4 days ago
You are welcome.
Inanna Eloah 5 days ago
You're most welcome. Thank you for the fave, as well.
SMWolf 5 days ago
You are welcome as well.
JD281983 5 days ago
I did!!^_^!! They were very breath taking!!^_^!!
Alev 1 week ago
thx for favm could u tell me what do u mean with vote ?
SMWolf 1 week ago
You are welcome.

I use votes to rate the technical aspects of the artwork while Faves are for what I like. A four means that I think you did a very good job but had some minor problems or did not match the higher technical standards of the style that you appeared to be using. A five means that you appeared to go the extra mile and have excellent detail, shading, proportions, pose, backgrounds, etc., as appropriate to the style.
Alev 1 week ago
thanks and sorry i only forgot that this page got a vote system but aww.. its cute that u give me that detail answer :D
SMWolf 6 days ago
I know that people like to know how they are being "graded".
Alev 6 days ago
yeah u´ll be right :3
MechaChick 1 week ago
Thanks so much for another fav and vote. The next raffle you might like as it's a slave/pet with mistress theme ^_^ I think it's more your flavour. :)
SMWolf 1 week ago
You are welcome, and I will consider the raffle.
MechaChick 1 week ago
They're open to all ^_^