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Full Name: Griphass Blakpavn

Species: Gryphon Anthro/feral

Language: French/English

Age: 21

Artist Type: Watcher

Current mood: Loved



Jyru Renard



Swiss furs / Gay furries / Gryphons / Femboy /  Slaves

species Gryphon
gender male from Corseaux, Suisse
loves 69, Abuse, Adult likes 3D, Action, Ambient tolerates 420, 80s, Adventure hates 70s, 8-bit, ACEO
10 submissions 15,022 page views 12 comments received 29 comments posted 1,633 profile views
Latest Journal posted 04 Nov 2010

[UK] Info:

I'm back after long absence. Yes I am and I took a life charged = x
To give you my new, well I saw an incredible joy! ^ V ^
Already thank you to those who are faithful to me and keeps me watcher and comment my drawings, it gives me great pleasure! = '3
I live quietly and simply my life with my half. I saw a total happiness with him and my friends near and far. I plan to move in with my man in the near future ^ ^. Level I works galley, I seek a post as an open it in print but it lasts there is no room. If you have addresses at random, I'm interested. ^ ^
If not for about 4 months I have made a total change of life, way of thinking and way of life. A big big change for my success that I saw 4 months of happiness with my better half! = '3

Level design now. Quit drawing .... Yes you still voyer my part but they are drawings made only envy. I close my request artrade or other fees remain open but you never know. = 3
By cons I do not draw ...

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Rezon TheFox 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch, I appreciate it ^_^
Takari Jerboa 1 year ago
Thanks for watching cutie ^w^
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Thanks for watching! ^^
Theron 1 year ago
thanks cutie for the watch *hugs*