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About Neofox
Birthplace: Athens, Ohio

Likes: Just about anything

Dislikes: People who give up, MATH!!!, Noobs!, chocolate.

"Live life as long as you can and love it as long as you live!"

Specialities: Computers, technology, furry, art, personal problems, memory, science, english, manipulation (I can get into your MIND!!! mwahaha...In a good way though!), Making friends, fitting in.

Weaknesses: MATH!!! (that's pretty much it)

overall: High tech, warm fuzzy hearted fox!
species Neofox
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 19 May 2013

So after a reeeeeealy long time away from here, I believe I will make a return! 

I want to start off by admittinat that yes, I broke the agreement on this site a long time ago when I joined at the age of 16. Believe it or not the stories that I've written on hereaware also all written at the age of 16-17. I am now 20 and believe that since my time away, I believe I'm now ready to start writing some more.


Perhaps this will bring with it some new exciting short series and fun!

Cheer me on, for nowadays I work so much it's hard to commit to writing or anything involving free time. I hope I can entertain you all with new and exciting works!

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SMB64 1 year ago
how can U b bad at math when some of your specialties are computers, technology, science?
Neofox 3 years ago
Cum one cum all to see meh new banner!!
Darkfang Magus 3 years ago
Sweet banner!
Neofox 3 years ago
Thanks...I'm making a new one now! This next one is a bit more of an urban feel. "Neo" if you will. :3
bLackWoLFXYZ 4 years ago
thx for all :3 *hugs*
Dikran_O 4 years ago
Thanks for Watch'n and Rate'n and Fav'n and all!
EosFoxx 4 years ago
thank you very very much for the watch <3!
Neofox 4 years ago
shout out to frequent visitors! Been a while since I've last said anything! You all deserve it! *glomps to all!*
Sayre Foxx 4 years ago
Thanks for the rating ^^
scottysnyder 4 years ago
Eagle44 4 years ago
Epic avatar man. Tails and Neo both kick ass. I just finished watching the matrix reloaded for the 5th time
Neofox 4 years ago
hehe..yeah, I totally agree with that statement. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. Shoot, I've even got my computer themed like the matrix.