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Just a dragon with indifferent tastes. Willing to meet new people, esp. if its about gaming. Always willing to give a helping hand when possible. Always thinking, wondering, looking for the right answers. Knowing about situations that tempt my mind. Those are just a few of my inner being that makes Lazz.

I'm certified in PC Support Services, ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician, ACI Aggregate Base Testing Technician, CTQP LBR Technician, CTQP Qualified Sampler Technician, CTQP Asphalt Plant Level 1 and, CTQP Asphalt Paving Level 1. If people are interested or work in this field just give me a buzz, I might be able to help with your query.

I give solutions to peoples PC problems and support certain applications & services. I'm a workaholic and work for C.M.E.C. (Construction Materials Engineering Council), and Nodarse & Associates Inc. as a Laboratory Technician.
species Dragon
gender male from Maitland, United States
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Latest Journal posted 09 Oct 2013

Hello SoFurrry,

I know I hang around in the journals often looking for people who are in need of computer help. I want the great users of SoFurry to know that I have expanded my services to the public. Before I was providing private services to a select few who was part of Dragon_Networks.

You must be thinking, What is Dragon_Networks? Well Dragon_Networks was established around 2008. The main basis is to provide support services for people who are in need. As well, provide preventive service in a event of a system failure, all free of charge. The service focuses on: Applications, Networking, Windows based operating systems, File storage and, peer-to-peer support via remote connection. These services have been the drive to continue Dragon_Networks. I feel that its time to expand and provide an outreach for people who seek these services.

The public service provides users the ability to save irreplaceable data on our private server via File Transfer Protocol as well, desktop support...

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LeonToniWolfmaster 2 months ago
Glad you liked part 1 of my story X3
Lazz 2 months ago
Well what can I say it had a good flow to it ^.=.^
LeonToniWolfmaster 2 months ago
Everyone who has read it thinks its great ^_^

'course its not my first story either but my excuse of a father threw it away...all 7 spirals of it TT_TT
Lazz 2 months ago
Well that sucks... You don't have to deal with that anymore right?
LeonToniWolfmaster 2 months ago
Nope~ I moved out of his house and now live with my mom

I am 19 but I'm still in High School
Lazz 2 months ago
I see... Did you start school late or did you get held back a year?
LeonToniWolfmaster 2 months ago
excuse of a dad pulled me out of school to work often enough during the school week that i had to start over in the 9th grade
Lazz 2 months ago
Well thats a hell of a father of the year award...

Are you seeking employment?
LeonToniWolfmaster 2 months ago
i live in the middle of nowhere so there arent really any jobs relatively close by
Lazz 2 months ago
I see... Do you have any career goals?
LeonToniWolfmaster 2 months ago
not really <_<
Lazz 2 months ago
Well besides writing, what do you like to do? Do you have any hobbies?
LeonToniWolfmaster 2 months ago
not really...but I can do whatever I feel like doing without really trying to...such is the life of a genius who has never had a challenge except for poetry...
Lazz 2 months ago
Why haven't tried anything different? What makes you stay in your box?
LeonToniWolfmaster 2 months ago
I have tried lots of stuff in my life...lot more than most actually <_<
Lazz 2 months ago
And you just couldn't find anything that could stick?

Well that's ok anyway, you just need something to capture your fascination and use that as a hobby/career ^.=.^

Korban 2 months ago
Thanks for the favourite
hattonslayden 4 months ago
thanks for the fave
Duo Theus 4 months ago
Thanks for the fave mate
fyrefang 5 months ago
Thank you for the vote ^.=,^
Tonka Rithmorie 5 months ago
Thank you for welcoming me to this site... ^///^
Lazz 5 months ago
*Pats you on the back* I feel that everyone deserves a warm welcome ^.=.^
Yogoloth 5 months ago
Thanks for the rating! I'm glad you like my commission!
Zi Garu 6 months ago
I find it funny that you voted on a journal and not the artwork that was uploaded before it.
Lazz 6 months ago
Well I mostly hang in the journals more than the art sections.
Zi Garu 6 months ago
I see,well since i value every little praise I can get I'll try my best into making more journals for you ^w^
CherryMonkeyBow20 7 months ago
Thanks for welcoming me
Lazz 7 months ago
Well its the least that I can do... I'm sure that it won't be the last.
CherryMonkeyBow20 7 months ago
Chris Mercury 7 months ago
*hugs one of the most nice dragons* <^.^>
Lazz 7 months ago
*Hugs back* It's no problem <(^.=.^)>