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So I'm still alive. Just lazy, jobless, and hyper stressed at all times. It's hard to love someone who takes advantage too much, but that's life. species Feline
gender male
loves Comedy, Psychological, Rock likes Drama hates New School, Torture
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Latest Journal posted 09 Apr 2014

I have things mostly done, or at least, what I plan on posting. I had got around to finally getting over technical difficulties, then I got The Witch and the Hundred Knight and The Stick of Truth... so... it'll get posted soon.

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Philisophical_noone 7 months ago
Mental condition: Poor
Philisophical_noone 7 months ago
I am up early. Not good for anyone near me...
Philisophical_noone 1 year ago
Christmas is coming. I may or may not be slowly working on something special.
Philisophical_noone 1 year ago
I posted something intelligent, AWESOME. Also, my head really hurts -_-
Philisophical_noone 1 year ago
Ha, i joined on april fools... that's funny.
Philisophical_noone 1 year ago
You know that sound? The one inside your head when there's a snap? Yeah, that's a good sound. Why? Because apples.
Philisophical_noone 1 year ago
Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum. I have both, so that's awesome! Wait, I lack ass to kick... dammit....
Philisophical_noone 1 year ago
I'm pretty sure I felt my mind snap, but then again, it's already shattered. Perhaps it was just stretching.
Philisophical_noone 2 years ago
I posted something... forgot I had it done.
Philisophical_noone 2 years ago
If you listen closely, you can hear my mind cracking.