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Latest Journal posted 17 Sep 2013

is gonna bring it back this time. i haven't posted anything since feb. i've only completed one treatment in over a year, i'm completely brain-locked, there's been another family death and i don't think my writer's block is gonna dissolve on its own this time without serious intervention. my writer's block has been known to last years at times, being i can't seem to find folks to actually sit down and TALK to me about the shit i write in a meaningful way on any regular basis, so i don't know how long this may last, it might be semi-permanent this time. the longest i've ever gone without actually finishing something was 5 years, so you do the math. i honestly really wish i felt some impetus to throw off the depression and DO something, especially with halloween just around the corner and an AHE installment a possibility, but don't get your hopes up. i certainly haven't been lately.

i won't fuck with anything already up, but don't expect anything new short of divine intervention with how i've bee...

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SushiJaguar 2 weeks ago
Oh and what's your Skype?
Korrado-Xan 2 weeks ago
same as my username on here, korradoxan.
SushiJaguar 2 weeks ago
Alright, well, I'm awake now so I added you. Let's talk on there! :3
SushiJaguar 2 months ago
I know it's your birthday in Feburary, I just don't know the day. So, happy birthday, Xan. I really do hope that you're doing well and that we'll see you again sometime.
Korrado-Xan 2 weeks ago
my birthday is in september. the first day of september. but thanks.
SushiJaguar 2 weeks ago
Oh, huh. Why did I think it was February? Either way, you're welcome. It's nice to see you back! How're things?
Korrado-Xan 2 weeks ago
i'm not back. i was just deleting electronic dust-bunnies. and lately, not well.