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About Valkrex

Three things to know about me:

1. I listen to classic rock, hard rock, and metal,

2. I'm a gamer.

3. I'm very slow when it comes to writing my stories. (I mean RIDICULOUSLY slow)

If you want to talk about stuff, or get to know me send me a message, or contact me on skype.

species Blue Western Dragon. (shifts between anthro and non-anthro)
gender male from United States of America
14 submissions 17,214 page views 177 comments received 336 comments posted 10,304 profile views
groups   Dragon Females
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Latest Journal posted 26 Nov 2013

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say hello again, and no, I'm not dead!

Yes this is actually Smith754, but I have changed my name to the one currently seen because reasons.

I apologize for the lack of content in the past year, but my heart just hasn't been into any of my attempts to craft a story, and whileI have some ideas kicking around, I have no passion when I attempt to write, and when I have tried to force myself to the quality was so low even I was disgusted by it. Which is saying something, because quite frankly most of my stories are well... rather poorly written. So I am actually rather annoyed with myself.

As for my life lately, well I'm in college, and majoring in Computer Science at the moment, I've been super addicted to DOTA 2 and I find that I spend a good chunk of my time playing it with my close friends, and I also just recently got back from Midwest Furfest which was a TON of fun!

Saw Uncle Kage, 2 the Ranting Gryphon, and Foxamoore live, met some amazing furs...

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Thanks for the fav on Destiny
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Thank you for watching.
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Thanks for Watching
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Thank you so much for the favorite on "I'm Thankful for Fox Knots"! It's viewers like you that cause the squeal-fests that occur when I end up on the front page of SF! :3 So thank you!