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About Damien_Pheonix1038
Species: Black phase timber Wolf

Sex: Biologically Female
Age: 19

Mate: Collared but not tamed ;)

Pets: Dogs

Location: Texas

School: Graduated

Best friends: Kurisu
Krys & Kris.

Music: A lot of it o.O lol i wanna be a Dj :)

Piercings: Ears gauged to a 2g and my tongue is gauged to an 8g

Tattoos: 3

Eyes: Amber Brown

Hair: Jet black,buzzed on sides,full mohawk

Height: 5'4"


Birthday: May 10th

Religion: Solotary practitioner.

Im an art whore i cant draw all that good but i will try,my dad is a tattoo artist so i have something to work up to. :)
species Black phase-Timber wolf
gender female
loves BBW, Rule 34, SoFurry likes Anatomically Correct, Anthro, date
79 submissions 19,368 page views 79 comments received 73 comments posted 4,081 profile views
groups   American Furs
  Servents Of The Moon

Latest Journal posted 20 Jul 2010

So glad i remember why I dont use Sofurry. :)


Im going back to FA,i'll check my sofurry everyonce in a while. :)


Love ya'll.

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zeminor 2 years ago
thank you for the watch bud we are glad you like our art and appreciate the support ^_^
Damien_Pheonix1038 2 years ago
You're welcome. :)
Thorin_Pheonix 3 years ago
omg.. you and i soo have to talk sometime =P i found it funny that we have the same last name..(i spell mine wrong to be different) and you have my bf's first name =P soo ironic ^^
Damien_Pheonix1038 2 years ago
It was spelled wrong but a friend got on and changed it,but thats how I spell it too. I do it to be different as well,lol. :)
Jade Krypton 3 years ago
Thanks for the fav
Dobies 3 years ago
thanks for the watch, silly girl
Lonewolf Artz 4 years ago
dont worry about it, its all over. and if u have followed me u will realize that im with someone better now :)
Pan Hesekiel Shiroi 4 years ago
Thank you for the fav. :)
Damien_Pheonix1038 4 years ago
No problem,i love the work. :)