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The chatter of wildlife is heard everywhere in the dense jungle. From the tiniest of bugs, to the biggest of elephants; there was life wherever you would look. The tall trees protected its inhabitants from the blazing sun overhead, which always burned hottest at the apex of its journey across the sky. Food was plentiful, as was the water. Rivers flowed everywhere through the jungle to make sure everyone got a drink. Although it seems like a peaceful, ideal place to live, but underneath it all lays a hidden danger. Residents inside and outside the jungle know of it, for he has made a name for himself as the most dangerous creature ever.  

His name is Shir-Ken. He was a mighty arcanine morph who stood at an impressive six foot four inches in height. His powerful muscles, which had been built up from many years of hunting and fighting, were toned to perfection. He wore only a black loincloth, the only piece of clothing he ...


KitKaramak 6 days ago
Yay! Another fave! *dances*
KitKaramak 2 months ago
Again, I appreciate the fave, bud! You rock! :D
KitKaramak 3 months ago
Wow, another fave!! Thanks, man, I appreciate it!
KitKaramak 6 months ago
Thanks again for the faves. :3
TheWanderingPikachu 8 months ago
Hey, are you okay? Granted, I haven't totally read some of the latest chapters of Tora (or your other series/stories) due to being not as into reading right now, but still wondering if things're okay or if you're still into it.
KitKaramak 9 months ago
Danke! Merci! Gracias! Gratzi! Duomo Arigato! spasibo (спасибо), I don't know how to say Thank You in any other languages, so... haha. xD
Warned ya', I'm hyper tonight. lmfao
KitKaramak 9 months ago
Wow, man. I'm delighted you're reading my stuff. Especially coming from a writer with nearly 4 times the amount of page hits. I have almost no following at all for my original work. I have a half million views on FanFictionNet for StarFox, Sly Cooper and Castlevania stuff, but once I started doing original... it's like begging people to read my work, LOL. Thanks for your support, man! :3
deathcape 11 months ago
i really like your work very hard to find anything that truly get my attention

I've started my own story would not mind if you took a look. im kinda stuck on chapter 3 right now though
Venalette 1 year ago
Know any good stories? I've got writers and musician block.<3
darkdragon33 1 year ago
Check out any of my favs and I believe catsithx is doing something cool right now
Venalette 1 year ago
Wish I was as good as you,sadly im a newfound writer
BRNQuil 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave-! I see you write yourself, too... honoured to get the attention of a fellow writer.