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I'm not that great of an artist, so... yeah, that option's out. If someone wants to make something based on any of my stories, feel free to do so so long as you send me the pic (I don't have an FA account. Sorry!)


If you want a free story, feel free to ask me. Just let me warn you...
1) I'm a procrastinator.
2) If it's fan fic, you may want to tell me a bit about the source of inspiration. Don't expect me to do a lot of these, though.
3) It's free. I'll do the best I can. but don't complain.
4) You have to tell me what you want to see. Violence? Lots of yiff? No yiff at all? H-what do you want?
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Latest Journal posted 21 May 2013

I know I should get a proofreader. I normally write a story, publish it here, then re-read it the next day and edit it. Small changes have been made, mostly gramar and a little more content. Those interested can find it here:

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missdollyd 1 month ago
'lo there! Thank you so much for the fave! I really appreciate it!

Kaz123456 1 month ago
Here's the reference pic of him
Baargman 1 month ago
tanks for favving!
ZJG 1 month ago
Thanks for the fave :3
Kaz123456 1 month ago
Can you write something for me?
Blahblahtson 1 month ago
What did you have in mind?
Kaz123456 1 month ago
something Kung fu panda related with an OC of mine and Tigress kind of a romance thing with lots of yiff.
Blahblahtson 1 month ago
Alright, what about your OC?
Kaz123456 1 month ago
He's a white tiger that had trained under shifu and had left for a while and then came back an reunited with the five.
Blahblahtson 1 month ago
Well, do you have any reference pictures or a name for him? If I do it, I wanna make sure I get the details right.
Kaz123456 1 month ago
I do have a reference pic for him and his name is just Tiger .
Blahblahtson 2 weeks ago
Sorry for the delay, things got really busy, and I couldn't do any writing. I just wanted to ask if there was anything special you wanted to include, any kinks in particular?
VorkVitae 1 month ago
Thanks fur favin!
Shouyousei 1 month ago
Thanks for faving!
Suichi 2 months ago
Thanks for the fave! <3
OneHotWolfie 2 months ago
Thanks for the 2 +faves! :)
Blitscreet 2 months ago
Thank you for the fave ^^