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Salutations all! I'm Noc (aka Noccy, Lupus, so on), your average lupine artistic triple-threat (writer, composer and sketcher, pretty much in that order), and you can find the fruits of my labor in their corresponding sections.

I'm currently [<current year> - 1991] years old (or so), an unremarkable guy stuck in suburban Montréal, Québec (that's in Canada). I'm French-English bilingual, though lack of use has left me rather rusty with the former. I love to write, draw and compose music (mostly orchestral), though I arguably spend too much time blogging about politics and such. I'm a proud liberal/progressive with a civil libertarian bent, an outspoken atheist and skeptic, and a passionate opponent of all things dishonest and stupid.

Worry not, though; I'm very open-minded and friendly, and I love an intelligent discussion about virtually anything. Feel free to drop a line! it might just make my day. :)

I honestly don't consider myself a "furry" per se; I just enjoy the fandom and its art and general open-mindedness (and rampant debauchery!). But for those who insist, my "fursona" (the linguistic purist in me dies a little every time I'm forced to type that out) is a very general grey wolf (as in my avatar), interchangeably adult or puppy.

Feel free to download and share my writings, art and music wherever you like. All I ask is that A) I remain credited as the original creator, B) I get linked to wherever it is reposted (pretty please?), and C) no-one else make money off of my work. That's it. Sounds reasonable to me.

Now offering proof-reading & copy-editing services! Check out my offer for more details.

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Latest Journal posted 15 May 2013

Wow. Been a while since I gave any sign of life here, isn't it? Sorry 'bout that.

But yeah, I'm still here and doing good. I've just been keeping busy with various projects (some admittedly more frivolous than others no I don't have a Minecraft problem no really I swear). I've done some great progress with my ever-so-belated Inhuman revisions, but I've again been forced to put that on the backburner for a while as something else has popped up that's requiring my immediate focus.

Long story short, there's an upcoming fundraising soirée of sorts that's asked if I might be interested in letting them play my music in the background (even though I'm not sure they'd even approve of my tracklist yet - again, long story). This would be in December, and so I want to revise and update all of my 50+ songs before then so that they more accurately reflect my current abilities. (Or, at least, to iron out the many kinks and issues I still have with most of them.)

So, that's what I've been up to for ...

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Rusty Rubberpup 1 year ago
Thanks for all of the votes!
Cederwyn Whitefurr 1 year ago
*nuzzles an adorable mexican wolf pup* You don't know *how* much I've missed you my dear, sweet friend....
Nocturnal Lupus 1 year ago
Just get on YIM someday and we'll catch up. :P
arune 1 year ago
haha, yawp :) it's been a really long time ^_^
Nocturnal Lupus 1 year ago
Indeed. :) I was, however, hoping that my beloved little typo-catcher would still be interested in proof-reading 'Inhuman' when I finish the manuscript? It won't be for another few months still (the procrastination gods hate me, or love me, either way), but I'm starting to tally up the folk who might be interested. :3
arune 1 year ago
of course! :) inhuman is still one of my favorite stories on this site, even though i don't go on here as much as i used to (hence why it took me two weeks to reply to your shout :D) anyways, yes, i would still love to PR it when its done ^_^ those months should give me the time i need to catch up on your previews too =3
Nocturnal Lupus 1 year ago
Perfect then. :)
CodyDreamPuppy 1 year ago
I am very very grateful for your watch! Thank you.
Nocturnal Lupus 1 year ago
And thank you for posting again. :) I read your first series years ago but then lost it. Only just found you yesterday and added you to my watchlist.
CodyDreamPuppy 1 year ago
You're very welcome. I hope I can continue putting up lots more now :)
Ah, a fellow progressive. Pleased to meet you, sirrah!
Nocturnal Lupus 1 year ago
Where'd that come from? o.o But howdy!
You mentioned you were a political blogger and a libertarian-leaning progressive. Had to introduce myself. Found you via a friendly callout from arcticwolf. ^.=.^
Nocturnal Lupus 1 year ago
Ah, all right then. ^^
Excellent. Feel free to hit me up if there's an issue you'd like me to weigh in on. Don't worry, I (usually) don't bleed from my heart.
Crazy One 2 years ago
hey could ya link the chapters of Inhuman back together please?
Nocturnal Lupus 2 years ago
Done. http://www.sofurry.com/browse/folder/stories?by=60206&folder=19138

(Note that SoFurry's folder system is kinda buggy; in my stories gallery, you have to click on the upper "page 2" button to see the folder and stories at all.)
Cederwyn Whitefurr 2 years ago
*gigglesnorts at the descriptive text* I'd be lost without you, my dear puppy - you've been a fantastic friend for some time now, and been very tolerant and patient with me, when my muses were fickle - for which, I'm very grateful :)
Nocturnal Lupus 2 years ago
Happy to help, friend. :)
e_voyager 2 years ago
i tried your FA link. no dice did you leave?
Nocturnal Lupus 2 years ago
You won't find much there; I'm only registered on FA to use the watchlist and so on. But still, thanks for pointing that out; link fixed.
Oblong Pomegranate 3 years ago
Thank you very much for all the 5* ratings! You enjoying my stories all over again? Haha.
Nocturnal Lupus 3 years ago
Actually, I just went through all the stories I've read and rated them when I'd forgotten to the first time. :P
ArcticWolf451 3 years ago
Thanx for teh starz! ^^
Nocturnal Lupus 3 years ago
Yeap. I started saving all my fave stories to my HD (hint: HUNDREDS), and I thought I'd rate those I forgot when I first read them. :P