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About AnubusKiren
Call me Ildac. :3

I mainly write about hypnosis/mind control, but you'll usually see some other kinks included in my stories as well. They'll all be listed in the description, so you know what you're getting into. =P

Commissions are not open at this time, sorry! :3 I hope you enjoy my material, and if you do choose to criticize, make it constructive or die in a fire. :3

My avatar is part of a picture done by darkzel of FurAffinity, and so the art credit goes to him. Character is (c) to me. :3
species Angelic Fox
gender male from United States
loves 69, Abduction, Action likes 3D, Afghan hound, Alcohol tolerates Abra, Albino, Auto-Cunnilingus hates 420, Abuse, Anal vore
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Latest Journal posted 05 Apr 2014

Hey SoFurry.  It's been a while, hasn't it?  I know I've been pretty absent here for a long time, and a lot of that is work-related.  I got a job at Walmart back in November, and have been working there ever since.  Needless to say, working in retail is kind of a huge bummer and takes my energy away, and it makes me really not want to go through furry sites all that often.  It also puts a huge damper on my creativity, thus explaining why it took me so long to give you guys a new story to read.  So I'm sorry for that... And I'm especially sorry for leaving so many favorites and watches unthanked. ;o; I feel I owe you guys so much more for showing your appreciation for my stories, and I've neglected even the most basic, most simplistic way of showing my gratitude.  I'm sorry, everyone.  I'll try my best to do better. <3

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Badoo 2 weeks ago
hello there^^
AnubusKiren 2 weeks ago
Hey :3
leopardclaw 2 weeks ago
you're very welcome
Mutt Boi 11 months ago
you're welcome
Marin Nightfoot 1 year ago
*Nuzzles* Hello cute stuff
AnubusKiren 1 year ago
Hello :3
Marin Nightfoot 1 year ago
*kisses* hope you feel better!
AnubusKiren 1 year ago
Feel better? o.o
Marin Nightfoot 1 year ago
Says you're sick in your journal so I kissed to help you feel better. *looks again* which was back in November ^_^()
AnubusKiren 1 year ago
X3 I appreciate the thought! <3
TheDivines 1 year ago
Does mindless bliss have a contiuation?
AnubusKiren 1 year ago
Nope, sorry. X3
Trapper99611 1 year ago
No prob! You are an awesome writer! I look forward to working my way through all your stuff!
Axcan 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch and faves!!!
Squirrel 1 year ago
You're welcome. I always find your stories to be thoughtful and erotic. Sorry I don't comment more!
AnubusKiren 1 year ago
Hey, not everyone's a critic. XD Don't worry about it. :3 Just glad you enjoy them!
Marin Nightfoot 1 year ago
Handsome fox here : )
AnubusKiren 1 year ago
*Flexes* X3 Thank you. :3
Marin Nightfoot 1 year ago
Too cute ^_^ *hugs*
Declaw 1 year ago
No thanks needed for my watch, your stories are amazing! I'm looking forward to reading more.