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species Arctic Fox
gender male
loves Anal, Anime, Anthro likes Amphibian, F/Herm, Feline hates Rule 34
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Latest Journal posted 17 Feb 2014

Hi there!
After seeing this :
I thought that I should draw something about Ahri and Ahri doing slutty things like the slut(s) she/they is/are..

So... what do you want to see? Give your idea on the comment and I'll pick my favorite.

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cantebury 9 months ago
Your reptilian ladies are just such a delight to see, I love all their antics, quite enjoyable ^_^
Celestial-Being 1 year ago
You are welcome. :)
gratitude-advocate 1 year ago
I'm curious... whatever happened to those Krystal Fox pics? Those were amazingly sexy... <3
ArticFox 1 year ago
They are olds. Some things must be forget X)
Otlan 3 years ago
No problem at all. Pleas, keep up the Fantastic Artwork n_n.
Sir Petro of Nashboro 3 years ago
Have you considered writing a story for your pictures?
ArticFox 3 years ago
I have something in mind since a moment concerning Foxine, Ania and Ray. It will take certainly the shape of a BD.
Twilight-Kun 3 years ago
Beautiful artwork
Kopa Reigns 4 years ago
The pleasure is all mine ;-P