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I'm a sketch artist from Australia. Though I'm not too good at backgrounds and scenery, I do like to tinker with things like that on occasion. I have a main storyline that I work on -Children- which is sci-fi, and I tend to distract myself with little side stories, though these are often done in a matter of days or -sometimes- in up to a week.

I love comments on my artwork more than faves, it lets me know that you've been there and can inform me where to improve. Honest criticism is ALWAYS appreciated, so don't be afraid to comment on anything, just remember 'if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything' isn't always right. With criticism, it's better that you're mean and nitpick little things that I may not have noticed, but it's far better for you to think your criticism through, "It's rubbish" tells me only so much.

I promised myself when I jumped into the furry community that I'd not resort to drawing blatant pornography/nudity. Instead, you may notice my work tends to tease, and that's the way I like to do it. Though it may stir your loins, that isn't what I'm intending to do, that's just an added bonus to you. It's fun to fiddle with people's heads by drawing almost porn, because it can really irritate some people, and that amuses me for some reason.
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Latest Journal posted 26 Jul 2013
My tablet has decided it wants to work again, however the scare was enough to remind me of how borrowed my time with it is.
I am still going to save up for a replacement, but for now I can rest easy.
And draw. Holy sh*t am I going to draw.

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Zeta13 2 weeks ago
Your stories and art are both fantastic, you continue to amaze me with everything you post. Good job on everything!
BlueEclipse 9 months ago
Wow last post was 2 years ago... Hello!
Chaos_Star 2 years ago
Hello! I couldn't help but Watch. :) Your art is nice and clean, with a great, unique style.
RockyMecha 2 years ago
RockyMecha 2 years ago
i'm loving the new avatar picture!
Toumal 3 years ago
minecraft needs moar sexy pokemon pics ^_^
Zero-J 2 years ago
Damn right it does!
Mess1ah 3 years ago
Cool arts you have here and thanks for the watch!
the-blackat 3 years ago
thanks a lot for the fav on "Surfer Vaporeon" ^^
Shadoweon 3 years ago
Cute work.
TheUnborn 3 years ago
I totally just realized that your breed is one of the same as mine XD