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About HerrAardy
species Hyena Elemental
gender female from Phoenix, AZ, USA
loves Gore, Hyena, Insanity tolerates Pony
118 submissions 703,607 page views 1,985 comments received 114 comments posted 41,902 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 07 Jan 2014

Updated the speadsheet again... happy to see at least 3/4 completion! Thank you to all of you nice Santas that completed your art in a timely fashion! You guys are awesome! I hope everyone had fun. :3

However, look at all of you nauuuughty guys! Tsk tsk! You really should finish that art up! It's so overdue, my goodness! (Let me know if this is a mistake and you've actually finished your assignment!)


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Ravenstlvarii - http://www.fura...

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Dean Shaw 4 months ago
Legendary HerrAardy.

*bows down*

I'm deeply honoured to see your art.
YukitheHusky 4 months ago
It's HerrAardy! Yay!
Salaav Onitrex 6 months ago
So is a hyena elemental like just the embodiment of pure rage and insanity? :P
inkedup 6 months ago
Great work and I love your clothing line!
BlackwingDragon 7 months ago
God I love you(r art) so much!
DarkShadowFox 8 months ago
<___< *dumps the bloody remains of a half eaten rabbit on your page* shake sha shake it like a Polaroid picture!
HerrAardy 8 months ago
Nate Nyx 8 months ago
Your icon is hypnotic. I just spent like thirty minutes staring at it.
HerrAardy 8 months ago
Nate Nyx 8 months ago
TeamPlasma70 9 months ago
Great comic, Herr! icon_biggrin.gif
Drakkor 9 months ago
Yay, found you here too ! }:D
Nate Nyx 9 months ago
Hahaha, how hot is it in Phoenix?
HerrAardy 9 months ago
About 106 degrees is average right now. :B
Nate Nyx 9 months ago
Lucky. :c Down in Pinal it's going to be 122 degrees. D':
HerrAardy 9 months ago