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About MUTT557
Hi I'm Mutt the border collie/husky.

info on character:

I like making new friends and chatting with friends I've already made.

Fur color: Black except for part of face, stomach arms, legs and part of tail.

other info: scars on left ear, both paws , hip and left leg. I like to wear a choke chain, millitary coat and ripped jeans. Tail is often wagging.

Info on me:


place of birth: North Dakota

status:white male, gay , healthy and athletic, usually bored, happy when I get to chat with people.

Likes: Violent video games, motorcycles, guns, action and horror movies, a good story and drawing.

dislikes: People who think they can kick my ass(it doesn't end to well for them) people who are a pain in the ass, onoins(how original) and I'm not much a fan of racism but I do not like Obama.

cloes: same as character and yes I do have those scars(some of which I'm not sure how they got there). I used to have more scars but they healed.

Where I am now: North Dakota(its boring as hell)

For those of you who will try and stalk me I've had a security upgrade. Its not just metal bats anymore(grins)

The only other account I have is a youtube account my file name is 557MUTT.

Have a yiffy day ^_^

Tail wagging as always

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Latest Journal posted 28 Jul 2009
Allright this is my last week on the site(except for maybe at night) but before I go I wanted to try something Uniden did. If any of you wan't to be a soldier or an assasin in my stories please leave a comment stating your prefered name, what you look like, weapon of choice, etc...... To all my readers: danke, gracias, merci and thank you. Arevoir. Tail just barely wagging MUTT557

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Baltowolfdog92 4 years ago
thanks for all the favs and likings of my pic^^
MUTT557 4 years ago
Your welcome and please continue to draw.
Rrahkarr 4 years ago
yo thanks for the faves on my stories and the watch man. if you havent already you should read my first series. even though the main character is not Shadow, it better explanes the universe that they all live in as well as gives some major events that have happend that lead up to Shadow of a Freelancer.
MUTT557 4 years ago
Your welcome and I'll read those stories when I get the chance.
Rrahkarr 4 years ago
oh hey i just noticed thanks for the fav on my pic of freelancer shadow!
MUTT557 4 years ago
Your welcome man!!!!
MUTT557 4 years ago
Note; I'm a bit lazy in the morning so those times on the personal info aren't always accurate. MUTT557
Demet_13167 4 years ago
A word of thanks for the comment and fav. To like what's seen and save what's liked. I'll be on watch, to see what comes of your 'particular' style of thinking.
MUTT557 4 years ago
I'm just hoping this computer lets me.... Its been a pain in the ass so far... But at least it lets me come here...
Rrahkarr 4 years ago
well after you posted on my pic i decided to check out your profile. so Hi, you're not the only new fur on YS. i've only been on about two months.
MUTT557 4 years ago
I had no idea!! Hey how do you post pics because my stupid computer won't let me... Any way I've got a few pics I know you will like...
Rrahkarr 4 years ago
it's easy. just click submit, then click submit image/animation. when it asks what you want to upload click browse. search for you image and open it.

of course it has to be under 30mb and has to be a JPG/PNG/GIF/FLV/VP6/MP4 file or it wont work. then add tags yata yata. then sumbit it.

then wait bla bla bla and see what happens. and now you know...and knowing is half the If it lets you post them i'd like to see them.
MUTT557 4 years ago
Thanks man!!!