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About Declan Xavier

(Fursona) Declan Xavier is the common alias given to this demon of the Second Circle. Nothing makes this demon happier than to give someone their greatest wish, only to have it backfire on them. His most common form is one of a fox, usually silver, and usually male. His natural form is an androgynous, dichotomous creature. Its top half is a femme looking rabbit, lavender furred and small shouldered. It has no pupils in its pale gray eyes, and a pair of black horns extend back over its head. Its lower half resembles a goat, thick thighed, and covered in coarse black fur. It has a pair of hooves, cloven and yet dangerously sharp.

In reality, Declan appears as whatever pleases the beholder the most. There is little that it is unwilling to do, though the price for its services are heavy indeed.

(Author) Declan Xavier is the common alias given to this aspiring writer. He is in a closed relationship with someone very dear to his heart. He suffers bouts of extreme writer's block, is always open to hear criticism, loves receiving comments, and would be glad to receive or given assistance to and from other writers respectively.


species Demon
gender male
loves 69, Anal, Anatomically Correct likes Albino, Anal vore, BDSM tolerates Alien, Amphibian, Avian hates Babyfur, Insect, Political
14 submissions 19,594 page views 100 comments received 48 comments posted 6,391 profile views
groups   Furry Hypnosis!!

Latest Journal posted 30 May 2011

So I lost access to all my stories in production because my laptop decided to quit on me.

It will be awhile before I can hope to recover that information, and I am currently working on a Frankenstein-esque machine. Perhaps retyping it all will be faster, but at any rate, it will definitely delay my planned postings for awhile.


Ain't life grand?

raithian 2 years ago
A shame, long time no see Declan since th chat went down heh
Declan Xavier 2 years ago
Yeah...I left the chat long before the switch, though
I love your name! Let he who has understanding count the number of the beast...
beareater2001 2 years ago
Your Welcome!
Arxl 2 years ago
Heh, np. I enjoy good stories and if they're anatomically correct that makes 'em better ;3
Nickitty 3 years ago
You look like a neat guy. I hope to see you again soon!
NovaWolf 3 years ago
Yay *smiles and hug you*
Inferno112 3 years ago
*pops your shoutbox cherry* MWUHAHAHA