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About Exilo
What is there to say? Well, i'm not an artist by any sense of the word, but I do think i write rather good.

If you are interested in a commission, let me know. I'm not sure i'll be able to do it, but i would love to hear some ideas.

If you want to talk, i'm on MSN, with the e-mail and AIM with MrExilo.

Other than yiff, I write on My penname there is Exilo as well. I've penned 30+ stories, so you can probably find something to like. I do some pics and comics on deviantArt, with the name MrExilo.

Hm...anything else? Well, i would love some art done for me. If you are inspired by my work, or you want to draw me something, i would be overjoyed. Maybe an story/art trade? What ever you like.
species wolf
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 08 Oct 2013
I know I don't upload stuff on this account that much any more. The fact is, I don't like this site's interface. I'm trying to upload a fic, but the formatting keeps screwing up. So I will try again later, maybe. Just a reminder, if you would like up to date fics, go to my FA account and watch me there:

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Zlingo 1 year ago
watching you on FA also. though here you are kind of late in posts :)
Exilo 1 year ago
SoFurry wasn't letting me post for a while. It seems to have been fixed, so I can update again. FA is my main site though. It had more stories, as well as commentaries.
Tarn 1 year ago
Watching you on FA so I figured I would watch you here :P
Zanedis 2 years ago
I haven't seen any new stories in a while, are you still posting here?
Exilo 2 years ago
Unfortunately, SoFurry isn't letting me post stuff. When I go to upload stuff, it doesn't allow me to select what rating to give fics. So, until that's fixed, I'm blocked out of posting stuff. I have been able to post on FA, so I hope you might check it out:

And I hope to be back here soon.
Io 2 years ago
Hey, *Pounces, Hugs & Licks* just taking the time to wish you & yours the most Wonderful Xmas & all the Great hope of this New Year! ^__^
Exilo 2 years ago
Hey Io. Long time no see. Have a good holiday yourself.
icetalon92 2 years ago
What kind of information would you need for someone to appear in one of your fics?
Exilo 2 years ago
Basic information, like name, appearance, personality. What sort of fic you would like them to appear in, and then I can try to fit you in somewhere.
icetalon92 2 years ago
You know, I guess I've never really given it much thought. Been so content to enjoy other people's woks, I never took the time to figure out what my fursona is really like. I'll get back to you.
Keep up the excelent writing. Can't wait for more. *lick lips*
Exilo 2 years ago
Thank you. More will always be coming, as long as I can write.
Teigar of Ark 3 years ago
Your welcome. Very nice armor and weapons.
MasterG 4 years ago
Hey Exilo, emm sorry to bother but...ehh

Are you going to continue Stitching Strangers any time soon? ^^

I really want to know what happens next :P
Exilo 4 years ago
Sorry for the very late response. Since this site switched over, i didn't think my profile was carried over. I have one story just sitting there that invovlves Pae and I again, i might post it soon. Nothing long, just a little drabble.
MasterG 4 years ago
at last you answered ^^ they say, "better then nothing" ^^
Exilo 4 years ago
Hey. I posted that fic on FA, where my pen name is MrExilo.
I might get it on here, but i don't much like this site anymore, so future fics will probably only be on FA.
Dark Stallion 4 years ago
haha, I am so absent minded sometimes.... I don't know why I didn't watch you when I fav'd Stitching Strangers. After going back through some stuff here I was like "huh? I didn't watch him?" *facepaws*
Exilo 4 years ago
It's alright. That happened to me. I could have sworn i reviewed a bunch of people on a different site. A year later i came back and saw i hadn't. I felt bad.
Wolf-chan 4 years ago
Exilo 4 years ago
Hello there.