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Latest Journal posted 23 May 2012

For those of you who have wanted to see me in a dog collar, here ya go!


I swear, I'll win the next one haha

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CodyDreamPuppy 2 months ago
Thank you so much for the watch! <3
Panda Dave 9 months ago
Thanks for the fave! :3
Harumi 1 year ago
Thx Fur Watch!
digitaldragon 1 year ago
lov your picture ;)
Et2bruttus 2 years ago
Thanks much for the fav on "Intergalactic Mate Swap" and watch :)
scavola 2 years ago
Thanks for the favorite, jailbird did a great job!
Ranshiin 2 years ago
hey im good and you :3
Ranshiin 2 years ago
anther wind dragon xD
Seigi 3 years ago
Thanks for the fav! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!
Wolfwind 3 years ago
anytime! keep up the awesome work! lol
Seigi 3 years ago
that "lol" doesn't look very reasuring...
Wolfwind 3 years ago
sorry xD im one of those ppl that just tag an "lol" on sometimes. i promise no sarcasm was involved
Kanga Liu 3 years ago
Thanks for the fav! Couldn't make me any happier if you tried :3
Wolfwind 3 years ago
no problem :D fantastic story!