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I would like to point out one thing. As much as I would like to master a
lot of things that I see here, I have to draw the lines on a few of them. They are as listed:

All Vore (except soft)
Weight Gain
etc., etc.

And then there's things that... I just can't get no matter how hard I try. And I probably need more training on it. They are as listed:

Aqua Sex
etc., etc.

The list will grow or shrink depending on how I feel. ((Don't I sound like a S.O.B. >.>"))

Also, If you find any Riolu, Lucario, Luxray, Floatzel, Buizel, Lopunny, Houndour, Houndoom, Arcanine, and/or Dragonite art. PLEASE SHOW ME!!!
species Shapeshifting Tribal Wolf
gender male
loves African, Alligator, Ambient likes 8-bit, Alien, Anatomically Correct tolerates Akita, Albino, Amphibian hates Anal vore, Bluegrass, Chastity Play
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Latest Journal posted 21 Oct 2012

I am curious about the mindset of a furry. And by that I mean.... what are the dumbest and most random questions that you guys (and girls... and whatever else) can ask me? As for if I answer them......... yeah I probably will.

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