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Don't be sad I'm gone, be glad we shared moments together, laughed and cried together, won and lost together, grew and learned together, lived and loved together. species Tiger Angel
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Latest Journal posted 01 Jan 2010

Please pardon my brevity but I don't wish to keep you long. Some of you may know me and some of you may not but that's ok. I started writing a long time, back when I was just a kitten. Earlier this past summer of 09 I began writing erotic material for Yiffstar and then SoFurry. However this journal entry will be the last thing I write for you guys and I am deeply sorry. My offline life has come into major conflict with my online life and the offline life won. I don't want to leave, I want to stay and write dirty stories and chat with you fun loving furs. But I'm being forced to abandon what I thought was another home. Thanks Toumal, thanks Linkin Monroe, thanks hooves,you guys inspired to write what I feel, but a major thanks to ToraKuma ^_^ I came looking for a friend and you were there when I needed you, good luck writing man you've got serious talent.


Edit: Due to recent circumstances I have managed to acqurie more time. I;ve already cranked out one more story but I'm hoping to ge...

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by TheFurryAn...    4 years ago    


Ahrend Tyger 3 years ago
Nyao..? *playfully paws tail* <^-^>
Arorn 3 years ago
its been a while, and i dont know if youll get this. but thanks so much for the story ^^ and ill miss your work *hugs*
FalconMage 4 years ago
I miss your works...
Squeaker Fox 4 years ago
hey can i kiss you? i love your work! ^-^
Boldface 4 years ago
Hi there! Thanks for comments and favs. Yay, more wow furries!! Wow rocks!! :) *thinks about drawing wow yiff..* Possibllyyy
darkbear 4 years ago
Hi there. Thanks so much for all the support! Really, really appreciate it, and sorry for taking so long to answer you; I was away from this site for months. You can imagine my surprise at the do-over they gave it!
Istare-Primitivo 4 years ago
Thanks for the fav and the watch, glad you liked them!
AlphaMax 4 years ago
i'm glad you liked my stories! thanks a lot for the faves!
FalconMage 4 years ago
Thanks for pawing at one of my submissions! ^^
TheFurryAngel 4 years ago
I think it was time well spent ^_^
FalconMage 4 years ago
*chuckle* I do hope that you had a good time.
firefromheaven 4 years ago
Thanks for watching!!!!
TheFurryAngel 4 years ago
thanks for writing such wonderful stuff :D
firefromheaven 4 years ago
I'm glad you like it. I'm kind of new to writing, so it is always good to hear that furs enjoy the stories.