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Latest Journal posted 08 Dec 2013

Hello all. Been a sad night and day for this Cheetah. My black and white American shorthair cat of 16 years died at 3:40 in the morning. We knew he was ill and growing weaker for the last week. Gave him antibiotics and fed him kitten milk and pureed cat food via syringe for the last two days as he couldn't eat himself. Yesterday he was too weak to do more than move a little on his own. Kept him by my feet and let him know we were there, waiting for the inevitable to happen. He lifted his head as if to loook for me, so I picked him up and held him on my lap. Within about two minutes, it was over. With one last cry, he died. . .

Spent this morning finding a shovel and digging his final resting place, right next to where we had buried my wifes cat Seleen about a year ago. Wrapped in one of my shirts, covered in his left over catnip and cat treats, we laid him to rest.

Some tears have been shed, more will be but right now I am holding it off, feeling numb.

God and Goddess bless you, my li...

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StGeorgesHorse 1 day ago
capthavoc123 2 days ago
Thanks for faving!
StGeorgesHorse 2 days ago
She is kind of a cute tiger, isn't she?
StGeorgesHorse 4 days ago
And as always, a big thanks!
Herlige Kanin 5 days ago
Thank you so much for the fave!
Dasher Cheetah 5 days ago
Not at all. *bows* thanks for the story.
Herlige Kanin 5 days ago
I see you to have rabbit stories. Maybe this summer, when life isn't so crazy, I'll download them and see what you've got.
StGeorgesHorse 6 days ago
Thanks! And maybe someone needs to explain to Mudge what "riding" snake means! LOL
StGeorgesHorse 1 week ago
As always, your kindness is appreciated.
StGeorgesHorse 1 week ago
As always...Thanks. It's good to be back to the old stories again.
StGeorgesHorse 1 week ago
And yet again dear sir!
litemint 1 week ago
Dasher Cheetah 1 week ago
Howdy! Not much.