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Hello, i'm a 22 year old virgin who can't draw to save his life, stick figers is as far as I go but thats me.

Lately though i've been drawing a comic its basic so don't expert great things its hand drawn so no fancy computer pad drawing stuff, just a basic hand drawn comic.

I have been drawing to see if i'm any good its none furry ish related but its good.

My past time are going to carboot sales, (yard sale, but in a field with cars) listing to cassettes, (most of the time). The music i'm into is prog rock some rock and roll but of course my best music is country and Queen i do like music but some of it its just not nice, its mostly if I like it or I like the cover i'll buy it.
My most faveoute band is KANSAS paws down, I love them i would love to get my records on to cassette so as i can play them but the deck isn't working ><".

I love all art work on sofurry but not vore, I hate vore but I do like some vore as it is drawn nicely but other then that I like all art work. Bondage, I don't mind waching it happen but as for doing it no, no, I think light is okay though, tried to a bed gag (that's not to big) and some toys are okay.

I may be shit at spelling and my grammer is off and sometimes my story's are a bit off key or don't have a plot, but I try and I keep going no matter what anyone says!
Any one who says "stop writing this alfull shit!" I will still go on writing.
I love to write story's, i've got loads of idea's in my head its just getting them on here is hard. Word is very helpful as it has spell/grammer checker but even that gose a-miss sometimes but I don't care, so long as its on here for other to read in the furture when i'm long gone or an old furry (or forget about it) and the new grenration of furries comes along they might like my story's and like me, but until that day comes I will keep writing and keep thinking of new idea's.
I have been working on my story's thanks to deviantart, they have helpped me a lot, so you might see a great inprovment in my story's, mostly two things, 1, not that many grammer and spelling errors, and 2, more detail, mostly room lay outs or better details so you get a clearer picture.

My own infomation:
Breed: Old English Shire Horse
Height both athro and full horse: 20 hands tall in animal from and in anthro 7'6
Weight: heavy! Shire horses are, but i'm very gentle unlike most other horses I take my time and i'm careful.
Sex: male (duh?) and yes please ;)
Age: 21 (but i'm much older depending on what planet your from if you look deep into me you'll see)
Likes: To just watch the sky and to watch the day go by, enjoys a good scrach behind the ears. (read up a bit from this and you'll see more likes)
Hates: Time wasters, The ignore button on the chat, some new music, except ital brothers stamp on the ground, (and other music that sounds okay) vore ANY vore (but will tollorate soft vore), and hates it when someone leaves in the middle of a chat and says nothing or just leaves, when someone finishes having sex and moves on with out saying anything.

Purple: (if you haven't read a dragon's tail then here is some info on him oh and go read a dragon's tail)
Name: purple ^^
Breed: purple dragon hachlin
Age: 4-5 mouths (but my real age is 14)
Sex: male ^^ silly
Likes: being petting, being feed, David, dragoness, his fire powers, shiny objects, my sun lamp with rock.
hates: death, being petted or hugged too hard, being seen as food by other dragons, o.o non shiny objects, cold places, rainy days (the weather not the person), but most of all I hate being sick or when David's sick.
Some info on purple:
I'm a very small dragon that is very cheeky and loves to be petted or stroked but be careful i'm only lil ^^
I wanted to follow David around becuase he was my saver, I died and he brought me back to life with help from mum and dad ^^ I'm the one that keeps on loving ^^ David protects dragons, and if they have young or need someone to play with them or acting like a dragon baby should if they on the way to having there own then i'm the person to who can act like that.
I'm very cute and love to pounce on ppl ^^
I have my own lil area in David log cabin its in the corner by the telly. it has a big flat rock and a sun lamp in case I get cold, and my shiny pile of gems and coins ^^ the bigest shiny items are: A sheld and a suit of amor (slity burnt) still looking for a sword or a grail, the cup thingy ^^
^^ i'm cute and I follow David around but if i'm too tried then i'll relax in his log cabin.
i'm purple with a white/cream underbelly i have a sack or a ruck sack by me its very big and holds my orbs of power ^^ (and no this isn't his special area, its a bag that has some orbs that do things,)
Ii'm very small so I can fit into people's pockets or even on there shoulders its great to be lil
If david isn't around (saving dragons, sick) then I come in the chat room ^^

(has since gone back to his parents)

ALL the austin allegro:
ALL is a 1979 austin allegro, the vaden plus model, he is in brown and can travel backwards in time, beacuse there's no point in going forward the past is much better.

in car entermant:
ALL has a cassette player loads of room in back with picnic tables, in the back there is a pop out sega 16 bit or a SNES, the telly is in the middle and is flat screened, the allegro can talk, its like kitt's voice but more english,

ALL likes films and with this, he has copied some of the film cars actions.

He can be like christeen and heal any dents or marks on him without killing you but rust is a problem, he is cheeky like herbie and can turn into a tank, a none moving tank but a tank.

other information:
Going back in time is great but it does have its down sides, no fuel, no garage, no tow, but ALL can get past that, meny great past people love ALL, but for the safety of the future they never speak of it, they talk of it to friends (very close friends or blood line friends) but never write it down or anything, however, sometimes if you look, you might just see an allegro in small detail in some old text.
They will sometime give ALL a gift but only on rare acounts, ALL is for going back to the past only.


(sitting around in a garage)

R.I.P. to my dragons, they never where forgotten or treated badly, i feed them every day I EVEN HAD A HACHLING THAT WAS GROWING!

2011-2013 RIP

Lizardus Egg on Dragonadopters

whitewonder on Dragonadopters

Western Dragon Egg on Dragonadopters

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species muitple furs a 7'6 shire horse, purple a small dragon hachlin about 4-5 months, 79' allegro (only with shire sometimes)
gender male from UK, home of tea and chips
loves 70s, Adult, Alcohol likes Abra, Albino, Amphibian tolerates 8-bit, 80s, Anatomically Correct hates Abuse, Acid Jazz, African
330 submissions 247,705 page views 2,463 comments received 12,987 comments posted 63,119 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 11 Apr 2014

woo yay a jornal

okay if i get my butt into gear i might be writing i'm not sure though last time i tried i think i broke myself and just gave up,

anyways, here are three i think? story's that'll be comming from me in the near distance, yes i'm like a mirrarge, you think you see new stuff but the more you crawl the more father away it gets.

red hot iron: MLP story on branding sexual if that's possible

close shaves: story on how furs like there excess body fur trimed (think winter fur being trimed but made to look *breaks glass* FABULUS!)

shire's b-day: depressing (SCREW YOU THAT'S HOW I SPELL DEPRESSED) story MLP related on shire's later b-days, sitting around getting drunk and going to bed nothing really happening, also same thing or OC related shire and the organ shire finds an organ and trys to repair it

oh and the 3rd story it came to meĀ 

pent up is okay for small furs but not big ones: a dragon gets a cock ring stuck on him by the local villagers and can't ma...

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Wounded Knee 3 weeks ago
Yeah. Is there a problem?
Avenn 1 month ago
I'm not sure I honestly know what to say about you.
Firstly, I dislike your term: "im the music critic i listen to it so you dont have to".
What gives you the right to say something like that? Have you trained and gone through the courses of becoming a music critic? I very much doubt it. And besides, why would we want you to listen to it for us!? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever...
And also, honestly, learn how to use proper punctuation. (u type everyting like this) and it gets on my nerves, especially as people like myself and others go to the bother of making the quotations and speech look presentable.
And also, you're just plain rude.
Remember back when I started on this website as some dude with a keyboard and little or no knowledge of music production? I attempted a piano cover of the Pink Floyd song "Comfortably Numb", and in fairness to myself, It was not the best. But there was absolutely no reason to go and say things like: "where the fuck do i start with this" and " 1/10 to be fair :P"
Also, I have made much more than that piece, (Which is no longer available as I lost sleep over your harsh comment) and I have even been crowned with second most popular on SoFurry, but nope, all you did was recognize my faults, threw lazy typing and insults into the comment box and left.
I hope you learn from this comment that I took the time to write for you, and hopefully you will become a better person, not just to me or my friends and confidantes, but to everyone around you.

The Kindest Regards:
-Avenn Grey, 08/03/2014
BoserWolfs 7 months ago
Thanks a bunch for the faves~~~~
mugman 7 months ago
s'right you desive them,
BoserWolfs 7 months ago
Awwwss..... Thank you~~
Rukj_Ookami 7 months ago
Thank you very much for the fave and the comment! ^^
mugman 7 months ago
Wounded Knee 9 months ago
Thanks for accepting my friend request.
mugman 8 months ago
Grahckheuhl 1 year ago
*Leaves a shiny item equitable to that left from a year before, during a certain individual's slumbering. With interest tacked on!*
... I always pay back in full, and more. <3
mugman 1 year ago
indeed a long sumber
Alyx Z Ranas 1 year ago
So it would seem. :D
RikkuKage 1 year ago
Guess you forgot me...nevermind. :\
mugman 1 year ago
yeah well furs forget me so why i should i remember others?
RikkuKage 1 year ago
I haven't forgotten you, but again nevermind.
mugman 1 year ago
RikkuKage 1 year ago
Hey you, been a while. :O How have you been?
mugman 1 year ago
do i know you?
henkcobra 1 year ago
I like your stories
mugman 1 year ago
thanks, comments are better then faves or stars