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About AceFox27
Name: Cody
Species: Red Fox
Hight: 5'11"
Weight: 200lbs
decription: red fur, with white fur along his stomach, a mop of messy dark brown hair on his head, and black ear tips and socks.
Personality: Energetic, random, pyromaniac, loves explosions, weapons expert and any thing else you can pull from my stories.
that describes me
species Red Fox
gender male
loves Fox, M/F, Metal likes Anthro, Arctic Fox, Arctic Wolf tolerates Anime, Athlete, Rule 34
9 submissions 35,944 page views 674 comments received 795 comments posted 11,234 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 13 Aug 2013

So just thought I'd check in with every one after finally after god knows how many delays getting my rewrote first chapter up. Anyway just checking in saying things are going some what smoothly for me and the family. hopefully chapter 2 wont take near as long as the first did now that I have a sort of flow set. though i do want to attribute a lot of my improve ment to a book i rescued from the trash one day. seriously reading through the chapters on fiction writing, and the examples given, make me wish high school English teachers just told me to read this book all class for four years.

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Chris Hansen 2 years ago
Good evening my friend I am here to inform you that your account has been taken over by the Russian army. Do not attempt to resist! Resistance will no be tolerated. I have spoken!
Jacob King 2 years ago
Hey, Iago. You're awesome.

Sincerely, the twilight hater.
Chakat_Starpelt 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch
Clyde Stale 3 years ago
Sylvr 4 years ago
just realized i didn't have you watched....bad Sylvr...bad *thunks self in the head with rolled up newspaper*
Dalan 4 years ago
Thanks much for the watch :D
Vitross 4 years ago
Thank you ^^
Heh better late than never.
MasterG 4 years ago
and danx verrry much for the vote ^^

oh and da watch ofcourse
Clyde Stale 4 years ago
thanks for the watch
AceFox27 4 years ago
All of your stories are great. my new series should be up soon