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You asked about me?

I write furry stories, my work is here and here only. I may not be the very best but I try...and have a damn good time doing it...

Guess I'll describe my (furry) self, as you can't see me.

My fursona is your typical red fox, with the one exception of having no white fur, at all, those areas instead being a grayish black, even the inside of his ears and tail-tip. Slightly cold, slate blue eyes. Due to his dad's side of the family, he's a stout 5'9" and decently built. He's a southpaw. His attire typically consists of a button down shirt, blue jeans, a ball cap and a worn pair of steel toed work boots. Also on his person is usually a Leatherman tool and if going into town, a Ruger .357 magnum.

Also describes me pretty well, IRL, when I think about it...other than the awesome red/black fur...

Feel free to talk to me, chat, PM or comment, if ya like, I usually don't bite...too hard xD

Pretty much it...except...never mind, lost that train of though.  *Goes back to writing*

species Red Fox
gender male
loves Fox, Metal, Music likes Hell, Military
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Latest Journal posted 13 Apr 2014


Because it's 4 AM and I'm kinda drunk and bored...

I got a laugh...or 5 out of it.  Besides, who doesn't like animated characters beating the shit out of each other...

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Hey Sylvr, thanks for the feedback!
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Pull over you maniac!
Sylvr 8 months ago
Your about to be a statistic!
Sylvr 8 months ago
Pull that shitheap over right now!
ArcticWolf451 8 months ago
We paid a lot fo' those bridges! It used to be under any of them you could get head, fo' ten dollahs!
ArcticWolf451 8 months ago
Cousin, let us go bowling!
Sylvr 8 months ago
It's just a wound, do you want me to finish you off!?
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Thanks for the vote :D
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You're welcome!
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