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Hi! I'm Naomi. I'm 5'7" about 120 lbs. I'm a red fox. I have green eyes, 34" DD, and I have several piercings, but you'll have to ask me about those personally. I love being out doors and making new friends. I love yiff, I'm bisexual, although I have not been with another female yet. I love to read and write and of course draw. I'm somewhat of a computer geek and I love video games!

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species Fox
gender female
loves Adventure, Anal, Anatomically Correct likes 420, 80s, Adult tolerates 70s, BDSM, Bondage hates Abuse, Albino, Alien
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Latest Journal posted 10 Jul 2010

Sorry, haven't been active lately, just lurking every once and awhile.  Almost finished with chapter 5 and should have it up tonight but most likely tomorrow sometime.  Hope everyone is having a great summer!  Been spending alot of time outdoors.  Any-hoo.  *stretches and yawns* time to get back to work.

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cobalt fox 3 years ago
hey thanks for the watch :3
Jackie Frillove 4 years ago
Welcome to SoFurry, and to BL! ^.^