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I enjoy writing...not good at it but I still enjoy doing it. Fantasy is a major thing to me, which most of my stories follow suit.

Don't have much more to say. (chuckles) No reason to get to personal right?
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Latest Journal posted 14 Feb 2010

That's right...

Happy Government Conspiracy Day! XD

The day where romance blooms and babies should be procreated. The day where those who are in a relationship should further it, those who aren't are encouraged to get in one.

Follow the social norms!

This is the day where the weak are weeded out, for those who aren't in a relationship become depressed. This holiday (and all who are in a relationship) laugh at the lonely people. Why aren't you in a relationship? Because you FAIL! Now be gone with you!

Also; the day boost candy/flower sales! Forgot to get something? Have no fear, Hallmark's got your back!


XD Sorry...this 'holiday' makes me chuckle to no end...

Have a good one I guess...well atleast have a good day!

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Gruffy 1 year ago
Yay for watch :)
jozaud 3 years ago
hahaha no problem: I enjoy reading stories and then writing my thoughts at the end. You got off easy, actually. Most of the time I rant for a while, blowing everything I didn't like waaaaayyy out of proportion. Its's fun!
Wishing Star 3 years ago
he duz
jozaud 3 years ago
lol it's true. He witnessed one of the first ones! That was classic. I'm sorry I was such a jerk to you that time, btw... I don't know if I ever actually said that......
iamamiwhoami 3 years ago
Kai Volkov 3 years ago
Ceowolf 3 years ago
*Random profile glomp!*
Ceowolf 4 years ago
Thanks for the watch btw ^-^
Calypso the Wolf 4 years ago
Thanks for the watch, comment, and 5/5 vote for "Guilty"! Glad you liked it!
Deep thought 4 years ago
THanks for the watch
Shatto 4 years ago
Hey thank you for the watch!
Coby the mutt 4 years ago
Hi! thanks so much for the watch ^ ^
EosFoxx 4 years ago
thank you very very much for the watch <3