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NAME: Zeke Knighton
SPECIES: Wolf-bat hybridAGE 20 /> SEX: Male

Birthday: Feb. 23rd
HEIGHT: 5 foot 11"
Country: Canada
DESCRIPTION: A perfectionist, black wolf with blue chest, and wing membrane. Green eyes, wings connected below the wrist, (wings are lightly furred) can fly, has powers over wind, fire, ice, and water. Steadily increasing in musical talents in vocals, drumming, guitar, and keyboard/piano.

species Bat-Wolf Hybrid
gender male from Calgary, Canada
loves Anthro, Arctic Fox, Autofellatio likes 80s, Arctic Wolf, Bass tolerates Amnesia, Anatomically Correct, Black And White
13 submissions 8,365 page views 43 comments received 117 comments posted 4,497 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
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Latest Journal posted 09 Jun 2013

i took a chance at meeting up with some local furries, i dont think ill ever regret it. i think being around my new friends will inspire me to pick up a pencil or keyboard and continue my furry submissions again. peace out guys, and luv ya shinki <3

Brief 9 months ago
Uh, thanks for the watch?
TerraWolfDog 10 months ago
thank you!
Thorn 10 months ago
Oh, hey, I see you there. Also, where blue berries harmed during the creation of your character? o3o
AceGeir 10 months ago
hi there and thank you for showing my page some love i truly hope you enjoy the work i post im grateful to the artist that i work with for always doing my fursona justice
Darkstar 10 months ago
Thanks for the Fave!!!

*gives you a cookie*
Zekay 10 months ago
Darkstar 10 months ago
Darkstar 10 months ago
Thanks for the Watch!
mattfoxlikesretro 1 year ago
well thanks! x3 *licks and wiggles happily*