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Latest Journal posted 11 Aug 2011


It's been 15 days since my last cigarette, that's over 2 weeks, so at least in my own book, I'm officially quit. I smoked a pack a day since I was 15, give or take a few days. Lest see here, 6 years, times roughly 365 packs a year = 2190 packs of cigarettes. I smoked Camel Wides almost the entire time, and there were a few price jumps through out the years, lets call it an average of $5.00's a pack.     5 X 2,190 = $10,950   O.o    omfg there's no way, almost 11'000 bucks, wtf!  that's kinda fucked up, seeing that my car only cost me $5,000. I wish I had 11K right now.     ((of course thats just and estimation, there were quite a few 2-pack-days, and a few days I went with out. Plus my smokes were like $4.50 when I started smoking. So there is really no way I can accurately count the amount of money I wasted on slowly killing myself))     So yea, I quit. I was given a great opportunity, I spent two weeks visiting with family up north. A pack of my smokes up there was $8.50 so I decided to ...

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hattonslayden 2 months ago
thank you for the fave
Shadoweon 1 year ago
Hey! I don't know if you remember me, but how have you been? You haven't been online in so long.. . ;_;
ixidor 10 months ago
I never forgot about you...
Raven91 1 year ago
Thanks you again for faving me.
Raven91 1 year ago
Thanks you for watching, faving and voting me.
Raven91 1 year ago
Thanks you for voting me.
furrylife1 1 year ago
new message to you :3
Of The Wilds 2 years ago
Thanks much for the 5/5!
SwedishDragon 2 years ago
Boltpup 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch ^^
Dofain 3 years ago
Thanks for the comment on Steambunk but it has been flagged as non-furry so I dedcided to remove it.