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I am here, and yet I am not. It's been a while since I even opened up here and even changed anything. I'm cleaning this up though. I want closure. I want to move forward. And it will be with or without the people in my past. ANYWAYS! Basic info: I'm a male, I'm 21, 5'8, About 160lbs. Studying and schooling part-time. I play videogames. A lot. So when all this is said and done, I have very little time for alternate hobbies, which unfortunately include writing. Apologies folks. If you want to talk, send me a pm, either here or in FA. You can also add me on Skype, but make sure to say who you are or where you got my Skype name. I get creepy ones every now and then, and those don't get accepted. Some even get blocked. So yeah. Have a nice day. species Eastern Wolf
gender male from San Diego, United States
loves Anime, Anthro, Feline likes Clean, Demon Fox, Female tolerates Avian, Non-anthro, Panda
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Latest Journal posted 05 Jan 2014

I'm making a friend list of sorts. Now that in itself is pretty simple. Why this is considered a project is that it doubles as a music playlist! I ask a friend to give me a song or two that they really like, and I jot that down as well as their name and everything and keep going until I have a nice playlist of music from all my friends! To any of my friends that I only know on tumblr, or any person interested in being part of this project of mine, talk to me! Skype is erythblade!

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Hope you have enjoyed playing the Nostalgia demo :)
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Hey! I know it is rather late, and for that I apologize.

However, I'd really like to thank you for the fav you gave me on my artwork. Thank you very much! *Hugs* (3
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