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Hello, DemonicTyphlosion here. My real name is Gregory Schneider, but I prefer to be called Eckon or Tilt. I am currently in ROTC at my school.

Feel free to add me on any of my instant messangers
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Latest Journal posted 17 Mar 2011

See title, still taking commissions, or requests if you're REALLY nice

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KaleShadowWalker 3 months ago
*sneaks in and stalks you from under a couch*
MechaChick 1 year ago
I was about to reject your friendship request when then I realised who you were ^^
Damien Voda 4 years ago
Wow i think u broke the record 4 most stories posted in a 24hr time period
Bikendi 4 years ago
Lol those where already written, I was just putting them up here, those 7 chapters are the first story of the series, the second is currently being worked on as is Chapter 6 for The Phoenix
Chester MoistMuffins 4 years ago
I completely forgot you had an account here, lol.
Bikendi 4 years ago
I do :P
Bikendi 4 years ago
Chapter 6 for The Phoenix has been started!
Bikendi 4 years ago
Chapter 5 for The Pheonix has been started! I hope to have it up by the end of November so I can have chapter 6 up by Christmas. Please review my stories, as I do sometimes take what you say in a review and make it into an idea of a chapter.
-Signed DemonicTyphlosion a.k.a. zangooselover