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Alright, it seams that people have been misreading my name. It took me forever to find out why there were references to Haven. It was simply mind boggling. Then I suddenly understood. My user name, havenofimage is comprised of three conjoined words and people were breaking them apart incorrectly into:

"Haven Of Image"

I like it though. I never realized that it could be broken down into different words than what I had originally meant for it.

I had first wrote it as:

"Have No Fimage"

a personal saying meaning to not be afraid of who you are and not worry about what others think of you. Now there is a new interpretation that, when thought about, means about the same thing.

So, no matter how you look at my user name, remember, be yourself and don't live by other peoples standards or expectations.
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Latest Journal posted 28 Jun 2013

Keep your eyes open.  Over the next week or two (or three) I will be releasing a series of MLP adoptable characters. As a bit of a teaser ill let you know their name, types, and gender. 

Bit - Unicorn - Male

Joule - Pegasus - Female

Kilo Grahm - Earth Pony - Male

Millie Grahm - Earth Pony - Female

Prices have not been set, but will be in the "extremely affordable" range. I will offer a discount price on Kilo and Millie as a pair.


What else is going on with me?

Yes I am writing. No it is not going well. 

I'm going to RTX next week(end) and will be meeting some friends, who I met via XBox Live four years ago, for the first time in person, so supper excited for that!

Getting restationed in August, so I get to move again. Not so excited for that.

Started playing LoL. Enjoying it so far.

That's it from me. Hope everyone is doing well. Keep a look out for amazing adoptables. 

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Long time, no see! How's it going?
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Thanks for the fave and vote :D
Eirene Crimsonpelt 10 months ago
Thanks for the fave and vote :D