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demonic dragon wolf hybrid mix, which didn't start out that way he was once just a regular fur, but after coming across magic later in his teen years, he became more and more demonic able to do dark and shadow magic anything from an aura to a portal he can conjure with many different abilities that he tries to hide. Black fur a scar on his right eye demonic dragon wings that change color depending on my mood, they are furred around the edges so when they are tucked away they are hard to see. The scar is still red mixed with the black fur a light red on the eye. His personality is very friendly yet protective, does well with others and tries to keep it that way but has had a lot of drama in his life and fights.I have a mate i love very much though i rarely talk to.From birth i was different then my brothers and sisters my dad was a dragon who my mom fell for after he protected her from her ex abusive wolf mate, I got more my mom's looks with dad's wings while the rest were more draconic looking with hints of wolf in them so this runt was the outcast really you can say. My mom never truly liked me at all but i lived my life.I have an 8 inch penis behind this plump sheath and i have the sexual stamina of a fox i am a versatile pup and very friendly come say hi, i also have a female form named rose so if you see me as a female shes black wolf long auburn hair d sized boobs and a toned body.

species Black Wolf dragon hybrid mix
gender male
loves 69, Albino, Anal likes Anatomically Correct, BDSM, Bat tolerates 420, Amphibian, Armadillo hates Abuse, Afghan hound, Anaconda
65 submissions 52,653 page views 519 comments received 7,631 comments posted 17,975 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Tentacles on Males

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Kurdan 3 months ago
*waves at the wolf/dragon* :3
Joevon Wolf 10 months ago
I put you pic on here as well ;)
Oloroso Rhone 10 months ago
Thanks for watching me! ^_^
Mark Wilds 10 months ago
hehe not a problem
Duo Theus 10 months ago
~slaps the males butt~ Everyone gets at least one
Mark Wilds 10 months ago
hehe so i see *giggles and murrs enjoying the slap gasping a little*
LupusGlacies 11 months ago
You're welcome :3.
Mark Wilds 10 months ago
heh well guess we can always make my shoutbox longer
LupusGlacies 10 months ago
Hehe, you silly :3.
Mark Wilds 10 months ago
hehe i try
LupusGlacies 10 months ago
Well if you have Skype or Steam, maybe we can talk on there :3?
Mark Wilds 10 months ago
yup mathew berg
LupusGlacies 10 months ago
There are so many D: x3.
Mark Wilds 10 months ago
hehe whats urs
LupusGlacies 10 months ago
BobbyTigre 11 months ago
thax for da watch! :3
Mark Wilds 11 months ago
hehe np ^^
NIIC 1 year ago
Mark Wilds 1 year ago
hehe ^^ guessing you liked the comment *giggles and blushes at the wink*
IndiWolf 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch hon *hugs*
Mark Wilds 1 year ago
np at all love the art ^^
SonnyJFox 1 year ago
You're welcome! :3
Mark Wilds 1 year ago
hehe love your avatar its so cute and sexy but glad to see u on sf 2
SonnyJFox 1 year ago
Hehe thanks!
Chipp 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave!! :3
Mark Wilds 1 year ago
np at all