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HEY SO FURRY! my name's Azur the m0vi3drag0n! I am a writer, gamer, movie freak, a cadet Sargent in the MCJROTC, and ONE DAM PROUD FURRY! I discovered about...oh 3 years ago during freshman year of high school and have watched it grow into this massive haven where I can be ME. If I haven't have discovered yiffstar then I probably just be another simple kid and like everyone else walking with my head down and running into walls. (hehe Its funny because its true!)
Im MADLY in love with sofurry because without it...I wouldnt have met all my friend on XBOX LIVE.

For everyone else please DO NOT hesitate to IM me anytime! ^^ just add me ^^ at:

species Dragon
gender male
loves 69, Anal, Aqua Sex hates Chastity Play, Emo, Feline
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Latest Journal posted 28 Dec 2010

I CANT freaking find a copy of this game no matter where I look!!!!

If anyone of yall have a copy of this please tell me cause id like to buy it from you for a reasonable price of course


i tried ebay and but they all sell them for  $100 and over. Gamestop sells it for $40 used so that is the highest I will go! NO EXCEPTIONS!


ill pay whomever has a copy via Paypal or check. Which ever you perfer.

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LupusKar 3 years ago
Hey hubby! =D
Grahckheuhl 3 years ago
Blue Pride!
Azur the m0vi3drag0n 3 years ago
Azur the m0vi3drag0n 3 years ago
EPIC DRAWING IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hirurux 3 years ago
Thanks for the fave mate!
Azur the m0vi3drag0n 3 years ago
any time darling
Devon Bearcoon 3 years ago
Hahaa! I'm glad you approve! :P Thanks for the fav/5*/watch/comment!
Azur the m0vi3drag0n 3 years ago
lol i tend to do that ^^
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch. =)
Azur the m0vi3drag0n 3 years ago
hehe no prob
Cyniras 3 years ago
Hallo there ^.=.^
Azur the m0vi3drag0n 3 years ago
Hey Cyni
Cyniras 3 years ago
*hugs* i wanna talk to you soon
Dobies 3 years ago
if i didnt see it. it didnt happen. you have to prove the cum, to me...
Azur the m0vi3drag0n 3 years ago
no worries hon ^.~