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Latest Journal posted 23 Apr 2014

We have a full accompaniment of six players at this point-- if you were hoping to join in on a session you can always come to watch, but if you were looking to play you may have to wait until I offer the next RPing opportunity (it won't be ZAFL, but it should be something good!)

The Apoc-Fur-Lypse will take place over the course of several weeks.  This Saturday we will have our final meet-and-greet where any players that missed last week will have a chance to get caught up, and everyone will get their initial starting gear as well as an overview of what to expect... we might even get an introduction in if there's time.

As with last week, the ZAFL group will meet on Skype from 8pm until 10pm Pacific Standard Time.  After that, standard sessions will be from 6-12.  I anticipate 6-8 sessions in total.

Thanks to everyone for your interest in ZAFL.... one final thought/question:  turn the logs of the RP into a story for posting?  Yes?  No?

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clandestinity 1 day ago
is it too late to submit a character for the lead crown?
comidacomida 1 day ago
Too late for a character, yes, but you're still welcome to help guide the storyline with reader votes when prompted!
Xenin 3 days ago

Have a Happy Easter. :)
comidacomida 3 days ago
Indeed! And a Happy Zombie Jesus Day to you too!
Xenin 3 days ago
Just curious but when will the next Lead Crown chapter be out? sorry if this question has been asked before.
comidacomida 3 days ago
Tomorrow! All 3 posts.
Xenin 3 days ago
Cool thanks. I mean this when I say I really enjoy your stories, especially your reader driven stories, they are so exciting and can't wait for which direction those stories go in, these choose your own adventure/ reader driven stories are really cool, love it when authors create them, they make my life more interesting. :)
KateTheMarten 4 weeks ago

What is real? I don't even know any more...
Ellard 2 months ago
Two of my PC's in my Pathfinder campaign had an argument over which one of their lives was worse. It reminded me of our previous conversation :P
comidacomida 2 months ago
They should stop arguing why their life is worse and start arguing why the other character's life is better! :D
AlecWolf 2 months ago
You make me hate you sometimes. I try reading your stories and after i get fully devoted to it BAM cliffhanger ending. Why must you have so many good works in progress :( but I cant complain. You are an amazing writer.
comidacomida 2 months ago
Thank you, Alec!

I think it's because I have so many stories going on that I'm such a prolific writer-- it lets me change things up now and again. If you're looking for a finished story you can always read Slave Trade... that one's done.
Tiyu 3 months ago
Comidacomida-shi, happy holidays!
comidacomida 3 months ago
Thanks! And you as well, Tiyu!
Tiyu 3 months ago
Merci beaucoup, Comidacomida-shi!(Thank you, Master Comidacomida!)May your mug be full of nog and your heart full of cheer!
Hubris9 4 months ago
Dude, you know..... if you published Slave Trade, I would totally buy it. With money.
comidacomida 4 months ago
Thank you! This is good to know, since I have the editing in the works. ;)
Doofuss28 5 months ago
[Insert Awkward Hello Here]

Just wanted to say, I spent the past couple of days reading your Slave Trade story, and have to say I really enjoyed it. I'll probably be taking a look at more of your works, and hope to see more of those characters soon ^.^
comidacomida 5 months ago
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the story!

I have a wide variety of writing posted on here, so you never know what you might enjoy. Feel free to take a look around!
Tiyu 5 months ago
Bonjour! Alors, alors, how are you? I hope your health and spirits are most well!

By the by, with regards to the latest chapter (Intermission), would Monday morning (12 am) be the due date for the submission of artwork TLC characters in order to garner points?

As well, would it be alright to submit artork thereafter just for the appreciation of your most fine work?
comidacomida 5 months ago
You're welcome to post at any time, though for credit it must be by midnight (PST) on Monday (approximately 33 hrs from the time of this response).

There will be future opportunities to contribute as well, so there's nothing wrong with saving them.
Tiyu 5 months ago

Feels most like extra marks, mon cher professeur comidacomida!
Tiyu 5 months ago
That is to say not this midnight (PST here!), but the midnight of the morrow?
comidacomida 5 months ago
Correct. about 28.5 hrs from the time of this comment.
Tiyu 5 months ago
Merci encore-!
KateTheMarten 6 months ago
Will there be any more options to gain contribution points for our Lead Crown groups by making art/stories about our characters? I'm really bummed that I missed that while I was away...
comidacomida 6 months ago
Yep! There will be opportunities between chapters, so don't fret-- a few more posts for Ch 1 and then the next will be upon us!
KateTheMarten 6 months ago
Great, I'll start getting ready! :D