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Latest Journal posted 23 Aug 2013

Hey second journal :P

K I just saw the Sci Fi summer contest and thought what the hey why not? So i probably wont be updating Sentinels until sept 20th so i can focus on that.

Sorry peeps just wanted to let you all know, especially you, e2s86. I know you like quick update and for some reason seem to really like whatever i post :D

Promise ill have a new chapter for sept 20th by the latest.

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Azur the m0vi3drag0n 3 years ago
YAY NEW FURRY! ^^ thankies for the watch!
Wolfwind 3 years ago
hey dar :3 thank you kindly for the watch! (^^,)
attonranden 3 years ago
well, its well earned, plus i love windragons
FalconMage 3 years ago
Thanks for the fave and rating!
RacSalem 4 years ago
OMG your avatar is Wolf's Rain :D ! It's my current anime fix, I like it ^^ .
Kai Volkov 4 years ago
Glad you're still reading the series. Thank you for the rating ^^
Yaxnonth 4 years ago
thanks for the watch bud! hope you enjoy my future stories
Kai Volkov 4 years ago
Thanks for the watch ^__^ glad you enjoy the story
attonranden 4 years ago
how long till u post a new one?
Rrahkarr 4 years ago
G'day, thanks for the fav's mate! i'm glad you liked 'em.
attonranden 4 years ago
no prob
Rrahkarr 4 years ago
Now i got to say, thx for the rate and watch. it means a lot to me!
attonranden 4 years ago
again no prob, thx for writing the stories they are amazing. u have a real talent
Yaxnonth 4 years ago
thanks for the fave!
attonranden 4 years ago
how can i not fav it its fucking great!
Yaxnonth 4 years ago
he he then you haven't seen anything yet
attonranden 4 years ago
dont leave me hanging like that tell
Yaxnonth 4 years ago
you'll have to keep reading to find out :P
attonranden 4 years ago
do u hate me or r u just cruel? pleaseeeeee
CysSub 4 years ago
Hey there~ thanks much for the favs and rating ^^
attonranden 4 years ago
your welcome they really are amazing stories
CysSub 4 years ago
Haha, there's nothing I can do, but thank you again! Glad you like em! :D