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I'm not an artist. Words are my thing. And my stories, to begin with, were pretty rubbish.

Then they got less rubbish but I rushed the endings or I lost interest.

Then I did that one pretty okay thing called Seekers. Also Blood Red which I lost interest in.

Then I disappeared for about a year and now I'm back writing a sweet series-thingy which I abandoned over August-October and got back into because I didn't want to disappoint (also because I feel it necessary to maintain my reading/writing skills and this is a good way of doing so).

Also there's nothing on my FA page. I just lurk about there. I'd much rather stick to contributing here so I don't have to keep track of two profiles. Plus I'm already all set up here and everyone's really sweet.

species Whippet
gender male
loves Bondage, Cunt Boy, Latex likes Anal, Drugs, Gay tolerates Gore, amputee hates Anal vore, Cock Transformation, vomit
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Latest Journal posted 08 Mar 2010

Ok, I'm going to be perfectly honest with you (you being people who have probably read my stories). I've almost completely lost interest in my (new?) Series, Blood Red.

I'm just not really having a bond with it, right now. This is probably because I've been playing Fable2 too much, which doesn't relate to the series in the slightest and distracts me a little. I was planing on writing up a furry version of Fable2 in the summer, but since I'm not too keen on Blood Red, I may start posting it a little early.

I'm not completely abandoning Blood Red yet, and I may be posting it again once I regain that special bond I had with it, but I really need your say in this.

Should I start Furry Fable2 now, or leave it until summer? Either way, I won't be doing Blood Red for a while. Any comments or say in this would be much appreciated.

Hoping you are all well. *Kalm Fox XXX*

digiyifffan 2 months ago
say, where did some of your series go? I remembered that u had more of these.
digiyifffan 1 year ago
... Are you charging up for a big one?
Equalor 2 years ago
Dang still no more Seeker...
Llenx 4 years ago
I don't, no, CAN'T understand why fans aren't flooding this shoutbox as I type on my laptop. Is everyone crazy? DX