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Latest Journal posted 05 Jan 2014

I just got drawn to a fundamentalist christian page about prophecys, and I can safely say I've lost hope in this planet ever getting out of the dark ages... We are so close, but there's just too many of them, so blinded by generations of indoctrination and the fear that's so ingrained in it to do anything but spread it to their own kids like a virus

You see posts about the dangers of the middle east and it's rush towards getting a nuke, or the capabilities to harness a WMD, and you see replies by people almost wanting them to hurry up and destroy the planet because it'll be when Jesus returns... This horrifies me, and it should damn well scare you too.

(real posts)
"Get ready for world war 3....prophetic word, it will happen during Obama's 2nd term... Get ready America. Poop is about to hit the fan, with not water to clean it up.. Only a rev...

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SMWolf 1 week ago
Thanks for the Fave!
StGeorgesHorse 1 month ago
Thanks for the Fave!
Daimin_Dragonlover 1 month ago
No worries mate
Yogoloth 1 month ago
Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy my posts!
Daimin_Dragonlover 1 month ago
No worries mate, nice to meetcha *offers out forepaw to shake* I'm sure I will :)
Yogoloth 1 month ago
*stares at the paw as though he has no idea what it is*

Oh! Yes, that funny civilised thing!

*shakes your paw with his own*
Daimin_Dragonlover 1 month ago
That civilized thing indeed, can't go around collecting gold and living in caves anymore... the modern dragon invests his hoard in stocks. ^.=.^ *shakes firmly* Nice to meetcha!
Yogoloth 1 month ago
Well, I prefer to sleep where I can see the sky and I avoid exposing myself to large amounts of gold. That dragon hoarding instinct is only bad news.

Putting your hoard into stocks? Don't people get put into stocks? I'm confused...
Daimin_Dragonlover 1 month ago
I can still see the sky... sorta, you just can't beat human made nests of cloth and that fluffy stuff we peel from sheep and toss aside.

You don't hoard gold?... how do you attract a female then?.. or male *chuckles* I not one to judge.

Stocks are great... you have no idea the lengths humans will go for these little pits of plastic or coloured paper, unlimited food... deep warm baths.

You should come visit...
Yogoloth 1 month ago
Oh, I approve of the gryphon rugs that the civilised races make from that wool stuff. And cured hides... very nice.

But generally I'm a feral drake who lives out in the wilds.

I avoid gold because I don't think my half gryphon brain can handle what my half dragon brain wants. So I keep it stashed here and there. Never too much in one place.

Besides, my gryphon mate doesn't really care for hoards. She has her job which gives her more than enough money to spend on stuff.

Bit of plastic? Coloured paper? What are you on about? I thought stocks were those things they put criminals in so people could punish them by throwing animal shit at them?

But I do like a good soak in a warm spring. I found one to the north of where I tend to roam. Had a rough time the last time, but I should head back... love the feel of hot water on my hide.
Daimin_Dragonlover 1 month ago
I see I see... SO you have gold hidden around, good to know *grins slightly*

...No not that kind of stocks I mean...

*sighs and mumbles something about having a gryphon's brain* ...

nothing better than hot water on ones scales, I could just melt into it, a puddle of relaxed, defenseless dragon.
Yogoloth 1 month ago
Thankfully, in my realm magic works very differently. You'd not be able to find my many stashes. icon_biggrin.gif

I'm rather proud of my gryphon side as well as my dragon side! So no messing!

I don't really have many scales, just a few on my head. I got neither my mothers scales nor my father's fur.

But a good soak is always nice!
Winter Raptor 2 months ago
Nice set of faves you have there, glad to be one of them! Thanks ^.^
Daimin_Dragonlover 2 months ago
No worries at all... Loved your tale ^.=.^
Dracasis 8 months ago
Daimin_Dragonlover 6 months ago
*Delayed squeak*
Atlas86 1 year ago
Thank you for watching and supporting me for the past 3 years, and I hope we'll have many fun, sex-filled years in the future.
Daimin_Dragonlover 1 year ago
N'awwww... Thanks *hugs*
Valanx 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch!
Daimin_Dragonlover 1 year ago
No worries at all mate, Looking forward to seeing more from you.
Et2bruttus 1 year ago
Thanks so much for the watch and fav for my Alien vs Predator story :)
LeiLani 1 year ago
Thanks so much for the kudos on "the Rapist Blues". Glad you weren't too freaked out by it. lol *^^* It's way different than my usual work.
Daimin_Dragonlover 1 year ago
Haha, no worries... it was quite a read :P
The Roan Colt 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave on my story mate, and for watching :) Glad you liked it