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Hello everyfur! My name is Arxidan, in case you haven't noticed. I am a californian fur who is infatuated with writing.

I hope to make a living out of writing someday, so if you can offer any help in making that happen, I would appreciate it.

If you ever feel the sudden urge to talk to me, don't be afraid to do so. I'm always interested in friends. If you play League of Legends, feel free to friend me. My in game name is Arxidan. As it often is. :P

species Red Fox/Jack Russell Terrier hybrid
gender male
loves Comic, Gay, M/M tolerates Equine, Horse
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Feel fred to follow me, use the ask box, whatever you guys want. I'll also be reblogging a bunch of furry porn as well as some stuff that's not so furry. My username is the same as it always is, arxidan. 

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Jade Indigo 3 years ago
This is crazily overdue...

Thank you very much for the fave on "Best. Blizzard. Ever."

Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I'm glad you liked the story :-)
TimberWolfSurso 3 years ago
This is the poet formerly known as flamedragon, stateing that your five chapter story inspired my poems so far. You are an amazing writer!!!!
Devon Bearcoon 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch and the fav! (=
darkened 3 years ago
Thanks for the favorite!
Arcaine 3 years ago
thanks for making the next chapter =) you made this wolfs day -tail wags and hugs you-
TheCreator 3 years ago
Thanks for faving ^_^
Sen32 3 years ago
thanks for the fave.
ShadowFist18 3 years ago
Thanks for the fave.
Wolfish_love 3 years ago
Hey! Thx for the watch and the fave ^^
darkgoose 4 years ago
thanks a lot for the watching! <3 X3 *lick lick*