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About Novus Mutt

Hey. I'm Novus "Nova" Mutt, formerly known as Dukie Mutt.


I'm a happy, charismatic Australian Shepherd/Folf with white everywhere, except for my markings and tattoo (for now, I like to dye my fur). I love dance music, but I'm a horrible dancer.

I'm a digital/traditional artist and a writer. When I start doing commissions the prices will be posted here and in a journal.

Favorite colors are green, brown, black- basically earthy colors.

Also:......... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! :D So, this is me :) Hope you enjoy my art and stories!


Anyway, here's a few more specs on me:

Name: Novus Mutt

Nickname: Nova

Age: 18

Sex: Please

Gender: Male

Orientation: Gay

B-day: March 6th, 1993

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 175 lbs.

Body type: Toned-Athletic

Fur type: Long

Fur color (undyed): White

Markings (undyed): Thick black stripes on each side, running down to the mid-calves, surrounded by brown outlining.

Eyes: Left- Green, Right- Blue

Personality: Happy, Flirty

Interests: Writing, drawing, tennis, video games, reading

Dislikes: Jerks, Trolls, Extreme Coservatives, War (but accepts it as an inevitability)


Can transform into "Demonova"~ he is the exact opposite of Nova. He's almost all black, with blood red eyes, the black stripes change to a red similar to his eyes. His muscle mass increases slightly, but his strength increases up to 75% more than his usual strength.


Commission Info: 

I'm offering new art and writing commissions now that my schedule is starting to clear up and I got a new computer and scanner.




Lineart: $5

Shaded/B&W: $10

Colored (w/simple background): $15

Colored (w/complex background): $20



Lineart: $10

B&W: $15

Flat Colors: 15

Colored (simple BG): $20

Colored (complex BG): $25


All prices include 1 character, Add $5 for every extra character.



Short Stories:

1 Page: $5

3 Pages: $10

5 Pages: $15

("Page[s]" based on page consumption in my word processor @ 12pt font Times New roman, double spaced.)

Writing commissions may take longer than art commission because my writing schedule is currently quite hectic with school, but I will do my best to get it to you in reasonable time.


Commissions: Open

Requests: Closed (Open the first through the fifth of each month)

Trades: Negotiable based on my availability; if I choose not to trade with you, it will most likely mean I am just to busy to do anything without proper compensation ($$$)


Thanks for hearing me out you guys and gals! My prices are negotiable, however I cannot be too lenient, money is tight for everyone these days, I know, including me at my glorious minimum wage Taco John's job. I love you all and thanks for considering me!


I know you have many choices, and I want you to look around and find what's best for you, I only ask that you put me on the short list :3 thankies again, and look for more of my art! :D




That's just about it.


Have great day!!

Check out my art :3 :D

species Arctic Folf (Canis Vulpis Arctos)
gender male
loves Anthro, Arctic Fox, Arctic Wolf likes Anime, Athlete, Clean tolerates Anatomically Correct, Non-anthro hates boobs, nipples
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Latest Journal posted 12 Jan 2013

Hey what's up guys?

Please don't flag the following for not being furry :(


I recently created a new YouTube channel. It's only got a couple videos now, but my hope is to upload a new Vlog every Sunday, and a new Main Video every Wednesday.

I cannot promise any set schedule since my work schedule is so hectic, and my budget is non-existent (in other words I have to come up with ideas using what I've got available to me [which right now, isn't much])

Please, go watch my videos, like, favorite, comment, subscribe and share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and even on here and FA:

I really appreciate your support, and I've been getting myself revved up for the upcoming year. You can expect to see more art and stories from me. I've got art books, pencils, pens, and paper and I'm ready to go.

Thanks again for all your support!





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TyVulpintaur 4 months ago
Are you still around?
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Thankee for the fav! ^^
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Congrats on getting past the jailbait phase!
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Keep up the great work, don't let a dry spell keep you down.

Thorin_Pheonix 3 years ago
i really like your banners ^^
Asherkun 3 years ago
hey dude long time no talk what's been up? =3
Brio 3 years ago
Um, hello... I just wanted to say I really love your story, "Winter Break" and hope to see more. ^__^
Deep thought 3 years ago
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hey hi :3 haven't said hi in a long time
Nicobay 3 years ago
hey buddy , how bout some other short smex story ?