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hello everyone^^ my name is Creed Soza
I make music for you guys to love and rave. :)
species Male Anthro Aussie Wolf, Hybrid
gender male
loves 69, 70s, 80s likes Adult, Angel, Anubis tolerates bi hates Cock Growth
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Latest Journal posted 31 Jan 2014

For this world has withered and died in the palm of my paws. 

I still search for the one. I have stumbled upon one that i truly like and hope to love in time. her name is crow. 

she is a platonic. do I care? 

honestly no, she is the one that has lifted up my spirits. the female that i can be myself and not change who i am. granted i like to change my clothes and impress her... well Valentines coming up..she isn't the type to go all romantic which represents the platonic side of her.  one sentence seeps through my loving lips for her... "will you be my Valentine?" would it happen? i doubt it..yet i wish she would say yes. i hold my chances and take it slow. 

well emotions take over, i care yet i have a hard time being this timid weird male that will express his emotions to you fellow furs. granted I am one to help but something tells me to ask for your advice? 

what hurts the most? It was being so close to her.

Another day in this carnival of souls. 

the memo...

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Edfable 2 years ago
Thank you for the watch. Heehee.
Sen32 2 years ago
thanks for the watch,fave, and rating mate :3 *offers the paw of friendship*
Renvall 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch! :D
UrBan AnImaL 2 years ago
Thought I'd return the watch and I appreciate the one you gave me.
Guardian Wolf 2 years ago
no I appreciate on that comment you gave me man. that ment alot to me
Sylvar Foxx 2 years ago
Sorry for being a little late with this, but thanks for the watch.
Bellkur 2 years ago
Thanks for watching me^^
Vandal 3 years ago
thnaks for the fav and rate :3
Guardian Wolf 2 years ago
Ah mate! you make some great stuff compared to DJ Anthro
Vandal 2 years ago

Shade Koba 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch, favs, and ratings! :D
Psycho Fox 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch, I suppose. I don't hand these out often, so relish in this moment.

PS.: Personally, I don't like relish.
Damaged 3 years ago
Thanks for reading and watching :3