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About dragonshina
Well, what can i say....
First, I like dragons. Second, More dragons. Third, MORE dragons.....
Currently i am studyng in collage, so i really dont have that much time. Expect delays.
Language barrier is going to be a problem, so please, bear with me. I wil try my best.
I really like to write, i have been writing a book (sorry, that one will not be here) in my language. But... i really like to make a some short stories or using game or movies stoies and make a fan story.
My painting really sucks, so, no drawings coming from me.
species Dragon
gender male
loves Action, Breast Sex, Cum likes Cuddling, Domination/Submission, Drake
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joshuabassett 8 months ago
Go type this in the search bar and look at the posts on the bottom, Lovely Moon.
Noya Perla 1 year ago
I'm having to read your story again because i forgot where i was in it but I remember that I loved it. Sincerely, Noya Perla, -kiss-
joshuabassett 1 year ago
Your words touch me. Keep up the good work.
Of The Wilds 1 year ago
Thanks very much for the Fav on Dragon In The Dungeon: Never Alone! And especially thanks for your awesome comment!
joshuabassett 1 year ago
Damn thats a lot to chew at once, Newlegend1 just dumped like 15 new chapters at once like 5 mins ago.
dragonshina 1 year ago
He had been posting them on Devianart for a while now... and now, i guess he decided to post his tory here (which is long by the way)
Of The Wilds 2 years ago
Thank you very much for the Fav on Dragon In The Dungeon!
dragonshina 2 years ago
You are most welcome.
joshuabassett 2 years ago
You, frostdragon, and Newlegend1 all have great series, but i wonder who has the best series, frostdragons is a little more "naughty" then yours, but yours show its going to be a long series with good human relationships. I have yet to read Newlegend1's series but he has four files of stories. Keep up the good work on all of your projects. One more thing, do i smell a relationship growing between the fire dragon and the human doctor? ;)
dragonshina 2 years ago
joshuabassett 2 years ago
Have you heard of the user FrostDragon? He has also written an amazing spyro story that i think you should have a look at. Keep up on the good work, can't wait for your next chapter.
dragonshina 2 years ago
Yes i have... and i have read his story as well. He is one of the authors that inspired me to write in the first place.
joshuabassett 2 years ago
ONE of the authors? are there more? if so who and what stories did they write?
dragonshina 2 years ago
i really liked newlegend1 story (which involves human btw). You can look for him here in the old sofurry or in DA (although in DA is his newer remade version of the story)
joshuabassett 2 years ago
John_blaze0915 2 years ago
Hello again dragonshina ^_^

Its been almost a month since I finished reading your stories. Just wondering when's chapter 33 coming?
dragonshina 2 years ago
I don't know. I haven't gotten that much of chapter that i am writing... and i always like to have some backup.
Shadowshimmer 2 years ago
Just wondering if youare alive and when new chapters are coming out.

Hugs and nuzzles
dragonshina 2 years ago
Sorry for not answering earlier.
Yes... i am alive... and the chapter is finished. Just rereading it again so as to make sure everything is in order. But i will explain more when i post it (hopefully, tomorrow)
Shadowshimmer 2 years ago
Thank You :) Have a cookie
dragonshina 2 years ago
Nom nom nom.