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Ask and I'll tell.

species Hyena
gender male from, The United States of America
loves 69, Anal, Anatomically Correct likes Albino, Alien, Amphibian tolerates Audio Book, Cetacean, Cock Growth hates Babyfur, Ball Slapping, Chemical Use
210 submissions 295,776 page views 6,880 comments received 6,532 comments posted 55,719 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 20 Jan 2014

You didn't have to tell us it was down. If you just said nothing, we would all assume it was working like normal.

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Io 1 week ago
Woooof! XP
Jethr0 1 month ago
Rags rags rags rags rags I found you hah.
Ellard 2 months ago
Huh... why wasn't I watching you before this? Your comics are hilarious! Love the cartoony style too :B
stuffedhyena 2 months ago
Hey dude! Love the 'sona!
Rags 2 months ago
Thanks. I love me, too.
stuffedhyena 2 months ago
Hahaa, always good to love yourself.
Rags 2 months ago
Well, somebody has to.
Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
Leogenji 10 months ago
I think your little gag comics are pretty funny. I also like your art. Keep dishing it out!
Rags 10 months ago
Thank you. It's always good to get feedback.
GrammarshineHyena 1 year ago
*pet pet pet*

Hey... I miss ya, bro.
Thorn 1 year ago
Hey Rags, how's it going?
Rags 1 year ago
Just magical.
Io 1 year ago
Hoowl! Just passing by to see how are you doing, I hope your fine & in good health, take care. XP

Io 1 year ago
Wishing you & yours the best of the holidays
Merry Christmas! *Hugs, Nuzzles & Licks* ^__^