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Raedwulf 3 months ago
*A messenger approaches*

Greetings Dave, translator and wanderer of the furry realms, Raedwulf wishes to extend his thanks for the watch.

That is all.
plainwalk 7 months ago
Thanks for watching.
Dave92 7 months ago
Thank YOU for being such an awesome writer :)
invudontseeme 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch! Hope you enjoy my stories (:
novastar 2 years ago
Now I'm watching YOU! the tables have turned, my friend...
Dave92 2 years ago
Not much to watch there, but thanks anyway :)
scavola 2 years ago
Thanks so much for the vote, glad you enjoyed the story!
scavola 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch, hope you enjoy the book!
Green_Dragon 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch ^.=.^
TheScottishOtter 3 years ago
thanks for helping me out with my story I have learnt a lot from you
Sylvar Foxx 3 years ago
I take it you like my series so far? Thanks for the faves. Hope you enjoy the next chapter when I get it out.
Tbohn 3 years ago
Thank you for the rating on my story! I'm very proud of it!
Dave92 3 years ago
Your Story deserved it, so no problem :)