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And this would be version 5 of my profile text. I don't think I need to introduce myself anymore, because you can just browse through my gallery to see what kinda things I like to draw! :P

Lots of Rule34 lately, mainly because I enjoy diversity! Take a look around, just know that most of my stuff is adult art, so you won't see much if you only browse for safe for work stuffs!

If you enjoy my art and feel like supporting me, check my > Patreon project and help me make extra art for everyone to enjoy!

I have a tumblr for evil/demonic things that don't necessarily land on SF -> http://www.derraxdungeon.com/

Also: If you want to help me get more storage space on Dropbox and don't have an account there yet, use my referral link(click) to register there and we both get 500MB additional space!

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Normal Commissions: http://commissions.todexlabs.com/normalcommissions
Regular Commissions: http://commissions.todexlabs.com/commissions

Please don't draw pr0n of my Todex-character (version 5). >:I The most explicit he gets is a big bulge. My other characters don't have that restriction.

If you ever spot a 'Todex' in any games or gaming related places (Steam etc) know that it is NOT ME. I never use that name for games >:U

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Latest Journal posted 30 Mar 2014

So it is time for an ongoing project. I pondered about this for three weeks! :T

I'd like to have more time to draw art projects of my own (as opposed to just commissions), so I can experiment, draw characters I have neglected (and that you wanted to see some more art of and I kept telling you 'some day maybe' :O) and create more pr0n for you to enjoy in the process. I ask for your support for this.

I'm not interested in milking you for your money like other artists do - through Iron Artist things/Streaming sketches/shitty adoptibles or a load of unimaginative YCH poses - so I have been searching for an alternative.

What I found is a service that can provide the backbone for a project like this ----> Patreon.
It is like Kickstarter, but for artists and individual submissions instead of companies. It supports per-submission backing. (Only submissions uploaded to the Patreon site count.)

So my idea works SOMEWHAT like an on...


DJGoo 1 week ago
We're talking stuff about you in hidden plces.
DJGoo 1 week ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODEX I want Todex to massage my head with his amazing arts!
Todex 1 week ago
Wah! 16 days too early, Silly DJGOO!
DJGoo 1 week ago
Yeah but I wanted to say it before I forgot!! *creampie of sexiness*
kittikary 1 month ago
I try to paint in Photoshop but fail T^T

Tablet Pen Mouse so hard for me
Todex 1 month ago
Actually that isn't bad :O
And if you wanna enjoy color blending some more, also give Paint Tool SAI a try! It is a lot nicer for that than Photoshop X]
kittikary 1 month ago
Thanks you.

I never use SAl before.

I will try.
kittikary 2 months ago
My valentine's day I buy chocolate to eat .it's delicious
Todex 2 months ago
You can eat your chocolate; I'll have some of your protein icon_biggrin.gif! *GROPES*
kittikary 2 months ago
oh can I know this protein!!
Todex 2 months ago
>n>.... MAYBE... You produce it a lot when looking at my pics :D
kittikary 2 months ago
cum, save the galaxy >_O
Todex 2 months ago
Yes. But the galaxy is big, so we will need a LOT of cum :O
kittikary 2 months ago
Todex 2 months ago
GOOD! I hope you can cum enough @N@ It will take all night long!
kittikary 2 months ago
ok >_<
Elessar Nenharma 2 months ago
*pokes you* Your Normal Commission link is broken hon
Todex 2 months ago
Weird. And you're right, somehow the final -S was missing!
Elessar Nenharma 2 months ago
How much would you be willing to have for a sketch? I'm afraid I only have $10 though, but I want to make something from you for my lover for Vday
Todex 2 months ago
I am afraid I can't do anything for 10 bucks :P
Elessar Nenharma 2 months ago
aw :( What if I toss in a story commission? Please please please?
DJGoo 2 months ago
why is your eye pulsing?
Gritou 3 months ago
*jabs you in the ribs with his baguette*
kittikary 3 months ago

How are you? My Idol. > w <
Todex 3 months ago
YO! I'm doing alright today, Mr. Kittikary :P Remember that you can also send me an email! Hope yer having fun, too!
kittikary 3 months ago
thank you. I hope you have fun too.But now I have many homework and midterm work.

neshoba 3 months ago
man, thanks for all the great art in 2013!
kittikary 3 months ago
Happy New Year >_<
Todex 3 months ago
Happy New Year to you, too! I hope that you'll have fun in 2014!
kittikary 3 months ago
Thanks and you too