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About Nekoli Snow Leopard
Name: Nekoli dimitrev
from: Omsk,RU
Age: 23
current residence: Boston, MA

Nekoli Snow Leopard


species Snow Leopard who is 1/3 LOL cat
gender male
loves 70s, 80s, Acid Jazz likes Abduction, Afghan hound, Alien tolerates 69, Abuse, Albino hates Adolescent, Alternative, Anaconda
13 submissions 6,519 page views 60 comments received 227 comments posted 8,135 profile views
groups   Heathen City
  Video Games
  Furry Hypnosis!!

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Latest Journal posted 11 May 2010

i like to entertain :3


ANTHROGH 3 years ago
thanks for the watch nekoli you r0x. =3
Z Dragon 3 years ago
aww kitten RAWR <3 x3
Lunin wulf 3 years ago
8D rawr *gives ya a bag of shiny rocks*
Nekoli Snow Leopard 3 years ago
yeahhhhhhhhh boyyyy
Neomi 3 years ago
Thankie soo much about adding me to your watch list =^___^=
Nekoli Snow Leopard 3 years ago
NP ^^
Rikka 3 years ago
Oh look, another snow leopard *noses a greeting over*
Nekoli Snow Leopard 3 years ago
Helllo there
Heuvadoches 3 years ago
Thank you for watching.
Silverhuskey 3 years ago
Random Hug!!
Nekoli Snow Leopard 3 years ago
Hugs back randomly
Rajima Velvetpaws 4 years ago
*Noms on the feline in his/her way of showing her approval and flattery related to you being nice to me.
Shadow Demon 4 years ago
i hope you live a goddamn happy life
Nekoli Snow Leopard 4 years ago
i live it day by day.
Cyan Spirt 4 years ago
Just had to say....your icon made me giggle.
Nekoli Snow Leopard 4 years ago
makes everyone :3