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About Pod155

Something about myself eh?

Well I'm a somewhat avid reader and a passionate write who has a long way to go before becoming professional. Anywho I've been writing for about a year now, been getting some awesome responds from some very lovely people. People reading and enjoying my work is the only reason why I continue to write. 

I'm an organized freak who has to do everything in certain way or else I'll lose track of everything. Everytime I post a series there is some sort of rythem into it. There has been to many times that I look at the comment section of some of my favorite authors and people constantly post "When's the next chapter coming out?" So to ensure that that never happens to me, I write my series ahead of time and leave it so my readers can have something to look forward too every 7 days of the month.


But that's enough about me, NEEDZ TO WRITE MOAR! :Q

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Latest Journal posted 26 May 2013

Wow it's been awhile folks sorry it's been so long but life has been getting a little crazy for me lately. My mom had brain surgery and barely made it out of that one, gots a new gf who is very supportive of me <3, and school work...blah blah blah.

BUT enough with the blah! I have story, this is part two to ROAD TO UNDERSTANDING.

Please do not get confused and think this is a continuation from the first ROAD TO UNDERSTANDING.

This plot picks up immediately right after the third VOL "Know to Understand" as it tells the story of Dr. Shine and his next move. Lots of over the top action and violence out of this world. Learn more about the evil doctor and his motives. See what becomes of Ferali/Max why does he start working with the man he's been trying to kill for all of this time. 

All this and more on "How should I know? Road to Understanding part two"

Coming very soon. ~_o

Pod155 outta here!


Lunaris Parukia 6 months ago
Thank you very much for the Watch and for Faving Shaymin!
Hope you'll enjoy my Pokemorphs! ^.^
KitKaramak 7 months ago
Thanks for the continued support on my story; I really appreciate it :D
KitKaramak 9 months ago
Thanks for the vote :3
KitKaramak 11 months ago
I appreciate you taking the time to read my story, A Necessary Evil. I just wanted to let you know I posted chapter 1 of the sequel tonight. :3
punkkitten7x2 1 year ago
Thanks for the fav ;3
caveman18 1 year ago
i really like ur work im really hoping i get to read max and krystal finally have sex
Arcticf0x 1 year ago
Thank'ee for the fave!!!! :3
Rharwen 1 year ago
Thank you kindly for the watch!
nafyo 1 year ago
Thank you very much for the fav ^_^
jukesman54 1 year ago
Thx a lot man! :)