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I am an artist and writer. I love to draw and write stories species White tail Stag
gender male
loves Yu Yu Hakusho 371 submissions 74,438 page views 489 comments received 125 comments posted 17,041 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 25 Mar 2014

Anybody wanna do one with me? Contact me if you want to.

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Farlight 1 month ago
Hey hun, hows it going? I was kinda shocked to see how much you've improved, you draw so much and not afraid to show it. Not to mess with your style but Id love to see what you can do now with out coloring. Like by pencil again. Maybe grey shading to try and being more bulge where you like it. Ive been trying to get myself back into my own sketches to. Who knows how well that will go though XD Good luck in whatever you do buck.
98Corvette 1 month ago
Nice pics
RioNightshade62450 1 month ago
no problem ;)
kazuflame 2 months ago
Sometimes I do art trades
Wild Blizzard 3 months ago
I'm doing well and yourself?
Wild Blizzard 3 months ago
well thats cool ^^
Wild Blizzard 3 months ago
Yeah I'm pepsi
JustArtByJet 4 months ago
Haha not a problem :)
Wounded Knee 8 months ago
Hey, do you rp?
Pencap 8 months ago
For what ever reason it said you posted on my wall but does not say you're online... da fuq