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I am an artist and writer. I love to draw and write stories species White tail Stag
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 25 Mar 2014

Anybody wanna do one with me? Contact me if you want to.

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ZekeStripes 9 months ago
Foxpiper 9 months ago
Thank you for accepting the friend request.
Wolfman12 10 months ago
Hey man, How's the request coming along? icon_redface.gif
HolidayPup 1 year ago
same bro, I'm nearly done with yours
wakewolf 1 year ago
hello, how are you? :3
HolidayPup 1 year ago
same with your art bro, thanks for being patient with me ;)
HolidayPup 1 year ago
I've started on yer pic as well;)
HolidayPup 1 year ago
sure ;)
Doggieo 1 year ago
Naw I dont do trades or anything at the moment. Sorry for the late reply~
Io 1 year ago
Wishing you & yours the best of the holidays
Merry Christmas! *Hugs, Nuzzles & Licks* ^__^